Saturday, March 8, 2008

i am the LATE great soul

don't feel bad peeps---


i wake up late-- i do my chores late-- if at all ... i post late-- obviously--- i make my rounds late--- WTH.. i'm just late..

i haven't even bought my own kid a birthday card--or cake-- and TODAY is her "party".. party isn't the cool word at 14 though. but she does have a bunch..and i do mean bunch-- of kids comin over today. i am not even close to ready for them. no cake-- no junk food... no nuthin. ugh.
and of course my chores-- and hers-- are not done. or started for that matter.

i cannot believe everything i have to do today-- and guess what-- i'm sittin on my ass.. in need of a shower before anything else-- then my chores-- hubby is at work-- the kid is STILL in bed. i am NOT letting anyone in this house until it's clean. and she knows it--- yet she wants to go to the mall before they come... OMG. i would say no.. and not only no, but hell no--- but i have to find a way to get her a gift, and a card-- and a cake-- and all the junk food and crap-- and me, not being able to drive-- does not make that an easy task at all, now does it?
who wants to trade places for a day? a week? month????? any takers???

anyhow-- i'm rambling. i gotta get the kid up and busy-- and i gotta get up and cleaned up and get this house cleaned up---and get out and get that stuff done-- then i'm comin home and locking myself in my room!!! that's where all moms are wanted when kids are around anyhow isn't it....

i hope you all have great satahdays wherever you are and whatever you're doin out there-----
i will try-- but somehow-- i'm not too sure i will succeed this time around.

oh.. ps--- i got my granny glasses last night-- :)) they're just lovely .. not.