Tuesday, October 20, 2009

beyond sleep bloggin-

howdy folks--
how goes it? i hope you all had good days. from what i saw around the blogs, it didn't look too devastating.. so i hope that's true-- and everyone is doin ok out there.

as for here? ugh lawd. i hate to admit it -- but once again i am sleep bloggin. if i was smart-- and we all know my position in that category --- but -- if i was -- smart -- i would just close this thing up, and drift off to la la land. but nooo. i'm like a stubborn little baby -- and i won't do that til i get what i want. what is it that i want? to post. that's what. so-- here i am. sleep bloggin. again. sorry. apologies - in advance.

so -- about my day? not that you asked. but it is my blog , and my days and stuff are usually what i write about -- and mostly what you come to read about -- right? so-- as for my day today? busy. and long. again. i thought it would never end. in fact -- it still hasn't. and won't, until i get this post up-- swhut down the laptop -- and then maybe another half hour or so will pass-- and i am really hoping i will be asleep by that point.

so yeh. this day was another neverending day. filled with business, errand, kids, and dogs, and dr's, and stuff like that kinda thing.

OMG -- i gotta cut this short-- i just dozed off-- and nope-- i wasn't smokin :)) at the moment. better pop in some nicotine gum to last me til lights out. too close to dozin off with a lit cig. i'm gettin way too stupid about that.

anyhow--- part of my day included -- the obvious takin soulkid to schoool. then i went and had some labs done (for the gastro dr.) -- then came home-- let the dogs out while i took a shower.. checked out eevee-- noticed she didn't eat-- drink-- or even move , well, hardly at all. she was outside while a showered-- in for maybe an hour or so til i had to leave again. before i left, i tried to give her a pain pill. no easy task when she had NO interest in food. i tried to sneak the pill in a cat treat. finally i just stuck the pill way way back in her jaw next to her way back teeth til she eventually had no choice but to swallow it. then i had to crate them both back up and head back out for more runnin around.

hubby texted me at a very bad time btw. i cannot focus- refocus to text and drive. i either ignore it til i stop somewhere --- ignore it completely -- or-- if i feel extra-skilled i'll throw a quick text back. or sometimes a quick "i'm drivin"
a while later, i'll get a call or text later.
and i did. and when i did-- i attempted to send the --" drivin" text. usually, i do ok with that-- and folks know it means i'm drivin and cannot focus well enough to be textin at the moment.

shit-- soulman just came in and busted me -- asleep-- good thing i didn';t have a cig goin. i really need to shut up n go to sleep-- off the laptop, preferably.

anyhow-- i took eevee to the vet this afternoon... she'sok-- just sick and crappy feelin from the surgery/meds, etc. they gave her a shot for nausea. later she was able to eat, and looked a tiny bit better.. but has to sleep in her crate tonight. :(( poor thing. she's not feelin good at all.

and below- is sushi bitchin at the stray mama kitty on our porch-
she can be so jealous at times.
little nerd.

ok, that's it outta me-- i'm goin ta sleep--
nite y'all.

happy nite-- or happy humpday-- whichever it is when you see this.

to edit -- or not to edit -- to delete is the question

that's me lately--
yep-- scatterbrained.

i just read my post from last night. bah! did i consider deleting it? oh yeh. did i think about editing it? yup-- more than once. then i thought... why bother. y'all know i take meds at night -- and even if i didn't, y'all know i have those moments of just not bein able to think or type. so. i aint gonna try to correct the misspelling -- missed words-- or the typos. if i can fill in the blanks, and read the typos--- y'all have surely learned by now how to figure em out? right?
if not-- i do apologize. i was sleep - bloggin. and obviously -- i shouldn't have been bloggin at all.

so. to move on to other things. this 'person' on my mind -- is not any one of y'all. so you don't need to wonder-- in case you are. k?
i do have some real people in my life-- just not many. apparently just enough to make me crazy sometimes.

and the part i mentioned about crossin the line when bein teased-- again-- not y'all. just bs real life stuff again. really-- i wonder why total strangers feel comfortable with me as their target. sometimes it can be fun-- when i feel like playin. but i don't always feel playful. ya know. i just don't get it. i don't do that to people i don't know.

anyways. it didn't bother me... i just wondered about it.

so. i don't think i have much else to say this mornin.
i'm workin on my list.
gettin the kid up for school.
fed the strays on the porch.
already paid a couple bills online.
just gettin the day rollin.

eevee -- ugh. hubby said to keep her in her crate last night-- but i felt sorry for her. she just looked soooo stoned and pitiful.. so i let her loose and in my room to sleep--- well.. ubby hates to sleep with the door shut. sooo-- we awoke to a terrible mess.
at first we thought she peed -- but the more we thought about it-- we realized that might be difficult for her to pee -- like EIGHT times!!! and with a GREEN tint. so now we think she may have been ill from the anesthesia. hubby spent his first hour out of bed shampooing carpets-- in the living room, office, and hallway. poor guy-- and poor eevee. i'll have to keep her crated , and keep an eye on her today. hope she will be alright. sushi didn't get sick---- or pee inside. WTH?

ok-- well i'm off to start my day. another busy one.

hope y'all enjoy your tuesdays-