Monday, March 9, 2009

it's daylight screwup time

hiya folks--

it's a monday for damn sure here. i hope y'all are gettin a better start than me this morning.
nothin "bad", just that i overslept-- i bet many of you did too. i love the longer days and warmer weather comin our way-- but the one clock that didn't get re-set--was the one in the bedroom. just peachy.

so-- i only have a sec to "report in". :))
the weekend went ok here as far as i can remember at this point. i just didn't get much sleep-- other than that things were fine in soulland.

we saw soulkid yesterday. i will have to get back to that later on... i have group this morning-- i need to wash my hair-- and i am runnin behind.
not sure about yall , but when i am late -- it's the hair that suffers. and y'all know-- i just am not used to hair. i've had pretty short hair for the last thirty years of my life. it came in handy on days like this-- but just look at it now--

and waking with a headache, and late--- i feel more like this---

anyhow, to answer your question-- yes we did go fishin yesterday-- it was ok, but neither got a fish. the pond is really suckin lately.
i did catch one the other day-- i didn't have my camera tho, the battery was dead so why bother. it wasn't anything to brag about anyhow--- but it was nice to catch a fish..

the weather is sposed to be really nice-- in the 80-s for the next three days or so--BUT rain is pretty certain.. so i'm not sure about any fishin in the near future.

the landlady called-- said she drove by (i wonder how often she does that---?)
but she did say she saw the fence down and will send someone to fix it-- WOO HOO
soulman was sure it would be another reimbursment/pay-then take it out of the rent thing. that gets old . isn't renting all about lack of responsibility for the shit that goes wrong? we really need to remember that.

welp -- on that happy note ---
i am outtah heah...
love and hugz to y'all
hoping you have good days in your worlds today !