Tuesday, July 29, 2008

well dammit ! (post # three for today-- already)

hi again..

i'm still sittin on my ass-- but, not for long. i really am about to get up and movin around.

i just wanted to let y'all know somethin. i don't know about about y'all, but as far as i go-- and my bloggin peeps.. i get to where i pretty much care about not just them, but their hubbys and kids too. ya know.. cuz well, what happens to them, of course affects y'all too-- for one. or maybe it is a little more than that- i don't know, but i don't have time to analyze that part of it right now.

but anyhow-- what i'm gettin at is soulman. poor guy is havin it pretty rough this last few days.
you'd think that his little trip down to lake amistad with the boys and his brother would have been really good for him. right? he has never done anything like that before since we have got married. 16 years -- strapped down at home.. and never one to go out and hang with friends or anything like that. he fishes with people now and then, but that isn't often.. once a month for a tournament, and maybe a weekend day here or there. so really i thought he'd have a blast.

did he? well, he did-- but when he got home-- he said "i'm NEVER goin away like that again, i missed you guys".

on top of missing us , i had the little medical "thing" happen, and left him down there to worry for a day and a half of his four. he wanted to come right home when i told him, but really i knew i would be fine and wanted him to stay. but he still couldn't help but to worry. ( i didn't want to tell him til he got back-- but i really had to -- because of the way things were planned.)

so-- anyhow-- like i said-- he got home last night-- well evening.. like 430 - 5 ish. he was whooped too. man he was tired-- and sunburnt.
and of course---- the daughter-- well... PMS galore--- welcome home daddy-- dammit! she was a bear and hardly spoke to him.

moving onto this morning---
lets begin with me-- also with my little visitor-- miss PMS-- (pass me a shotgun)--- :))

now tell me , all that isn't bad enough for a poor ole tired guy who just got back from a long tiring trip--- facing another-- back to back---now get THIS---

a while ago-- just after i posted the video-- to motivate me-- the wind got blown right outta both of our sails-- he was readin some of his web pages-- similar to blogs-- but not-- and found out that one of his friends had got in a motorcycle wreck last night--- and died !
he took it really hard.

we discussed puttin off the trip for a week or so , so he could go to the funeral etc, but he said he would be fine, and the trip would be better for him, and help him take his mind off of it. i hope that's true.
if not, we may end up comin back for an overnighter in a few days to attend the funeral.

my poor hubby--- some vacation eh?
he will still have a full week left on vacation after we get back from san antonio-- i hope the soulman curse will have lifted by then--

but anyhow--
if anyone wants to send him a shout out-- feel free-- he will read any comments you leave here for him-- he does lurk on occasion. :))

anyhow-- i really do suppose i better get of me arse about now.

if i can't get online down there-- i will miss yeeeeewwwww----

just tryin to motivate-- maybe you'll like it too

here is some very cool tunage by Kid Rock-
that sounds Nuthin like his usual style-
i am LUVIN his new CD- altho-- i do skip over a few tracks-
cuz i'm just kinda - well.. old, maybe :))


do ya know me - results

Do Ya Know me results:

Eight people played the game:

I will put highest number correct

Lowest number correct

most unique answer (s)

funniest answer (s)

most outrageous answer (s)

and “most touching” answer (s)

without naming names.

But will say who “knows me best” :))

The players were-

Smocha, mary, AC, angie, Portia,

Charlotte (val), Motha, & Desert Dirt Diva :

- unfortunately- smocha was ousted as winner by default :(( -


Where did we meet? __= outrageous- texas September 2008 !
( I met everyone here blogging- and it's NOT september YET :)) LOL )

--- also outrageous= Gotham :))

Take a stab at my middle name? most missed - two ppl got this one—three if ya count my sis- but she can’t count here--– (it’s sue originally – changed to maiden now-)

Do I smoke? Everyone cept one got this (I LOVE to smoke !)

Color of my eyes? About 50 / 50 here – I must wear shades in my photos too much-

(They’re blue) - (ppl said-green, or brown..or blue-)

Do I have any siblings? Touching – not many people know this- but one - aside from smocha-did mention my brother who is deceased. (And smocha is my sister)

What's one of my favorite things to do? Most common = fishing. Everyone got this one/ I should get paid to fish!

What's my favorite type of music? Funny - Canadian Folk Music (most said classic rock- yup!)

Am I shy or outgoing? Mixed answers—but it’s true--

Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules? Mixed answers but that’s true too

Any special talents? Unique grippy toes LOL- true tho- and 2 said it !

How many children do I have? Touching - (another not well known to many, but – “one teenage daughter. and two angels.” (someone else mentioned this too- but in email.)

If you and I were stranded on a deserted island, what is one thing that I would bring?
Unique – laptop / and another said my meds and my dog- LOL-- everyone else said fishin stuff

(I would actually LOVE to have it ALL!) greedy bitch eh?

According to the results of this test:

Mary knows me best-


It was loads of fun-