Monday, November 2, 2009

random monday mumbling

(you know you wanna be married to HIM -
his dream, ever since i've known him?
to be an underwear model!!-
not really - but that's "the pose")


howdy peeps -- welcome to mental monday. :))
aww it aint that bad.. yet. that just came to mind so i wrote it. not bad for a out of hand monday around here though-- i may tuck that one away for when i can actually use it for a title.

anyhow-- i don't even know where to begin this post. a lot has happened, a lot needs to happen, and a lot will happen. should i roll dice or sumthin to see what i write about first? hmmm... i'm so confused.

as you can see, i am a bit scatterbrained this morning. i don't know about the rest of y'all but i slept really crappy last night. i'm blaming the time change-- but i really don't know what the deal was. i swear i woke up every hour, sometimes twice an hour. no idea wth was up with that. but i can't like it! i finally got up at 6 -- which i gotta say was better than any of the other times i was ready to give in.

i sat in my office -- where i sit, faces the street -- i haven't been able to do that in literally years, and i love it like you just don't understand. i feel like i have been let out of prison or something, when i sit here, and can actually see what goes on in the world-- rather than my back yard! :))
so, i was sittin here , drinkin coffee , chain smokin as per my normal morning routine -- when i notice what i haven't seen in months --- the sun rise! ahhhhh. what a beautiful sight. i'm so happy the sun comes up on this side of the house where i will be able to watch it every day! (a sailors delight - right?)

so anyhow. next on my mind? i had some funky dreams last night. i don't remember much of them. it's odd that i remember them at all. the only reason i can think of that i do remember - is because i woke up so often. but yep -- i had some strange dreams. a few of them had a couple of 'you' in them. don't get weird on me. it was nuthin 'bad'.. and i won't name names.. but it was weird. and one of you was on Diego Garcia with me! weeeeeird.

(Diego Garcia)

so. anyhow-- next? well, ever since before we moved into this house, there has been some kitties livin here too. a mamma, and her litter of maybe five babies. when we moved in they were all still hangin around. they were soooo awful skinny-- skin and bone-- literally. we found a home for one of siamese- ish babies. in the mean time-- we have been giving the food and water every day. it was just so sad to see them starving. as time went on, the kitties kind of dwindled down, and i hope that's because people have adopted them. i just don't want to think the worst in that case.
but we do still have mamma kitty and one black kitty left that hang around-- or at least show up when they're hungry -- and we of course feed them.
well... y'all. - somethin bad is happenin. i know you know me- and i bet ya guessed already. ugh. i'm gettin attached !!!! i cannot let these cats into my house! i refuse!
i just paid a fortune to de-claw my own two. i cannot bring two-- or even one more cat into my house. i don't want to take them to the pound. i know they'll get put down. leavin them outside is breakin my heart. the mamma kitty tries harder and harder to slip inside when i go out to feed them -- surely due to the colder weather.
i'm so worried about them. in the cold i mean. i have known.. or even had cats climb into car engines on cold nights to stay warm -- then the car gets started and they are badly injured -- or worse.
do y'all really think i need to add these cats to my list of worries?
do me a favor-- if you live in or near the DFW area -- take these cats -- please? they're sweet - they need warm homes. :((

hmmm, what else? are ya ready for me to shut up yet?
OH! i know-- the comforter! it's ALIIIIVE!!!
yep-- soulman washed it yesterday-- and it survived. i would have washed it myself-- but you see, i have a terrible fear of F'N up. so i avoid that at all costs. :))
actually. he knows these new-fangled machines better than i do -- i'm more a shove the crap in and turn it on type of wash and dry gal. he actually sorts, and uses the settings , and all that kinda thing. so -- i gave him the reigns on this -- with the agreement that if it exploded, like we were told was a possibility-- that it would just be somethin we'd live with.
well, guess what? it is perfect again! stainless, clean, dry , fluffy, and put in the closet---awaiting a duvet cover! - which btw -- i searched all over town for yesterday.
ok -- i went to three stores looking for. tj maxx, ross and marshalls. sure , go ahead, call me miss big spender. even at ross they only had one - ugly one- that was RED in king size-- for 70.00. ummm, no thank you. we got to marshalls - they didn't have ANY. tj maxx had one in king size --- guess what--- it was WHITE! ummm... i think we've been through this before right? so yup we passed. so i am still on a mission for a duvet cover. and my blanket that i want ON my bed is NOT. are you wonderin what we're usin? maybe not. i'll tell ya anyhow -- a queen sized -- yes it is too small -- blanket that we fight over at night. uuuuggggghhhh.

wish me luck in my duvet cover search today. if i find the time-- i am once again-- or should i say as usual -- BEHIND , in bills, and everything else.

also-- Eevee goes to the vet this mornin to get her spay stitches removed, and we have decided to find out what the cost would be to have her tumor removed -- without testing etc... just lop the damn thing off. if it is affordable or we can make a few payments we are gonna have her breast tumor removed. the previous 'quote' was over 1200.00, and obviously -- we don't have that. but maybe to just have it removed? that could be do-able. let's hope so.

ok folks -- i've blabbed enough --- even though i could blab some more :)) i won't torture you.

i must get this party started anyhow---

so i bid you farewell -- and awesome days in your worlds today!
laterz peoples!