Sunday, October 12, 2008

EEErrrggghhh !

hi folks...

i know it's a bit late to bother writin now-- anyone who was gonna stop by prolly did already for the day--- thanks btw--- but anyhow, for those who haven't - or if it's mornin, or whatever--

here i am. and hi--

man that's all a bunch of stupid stuff eh... anyhow--- i feel like crap, in case you wondered. hope you feel good. i was starting off with this post with what was sposed to be pix of my newly finished office. aren't they lovely?? ya, i thought so too. soon as i went to shoot photos, i found out my battery was dead. just one of the little joys that comes with parenthood i reckon. at least i got the camera back in one piece. guess i shouldn't complain too much.

so anyways. yep-- my office is complete. all the way down to my shadow box on the wall.
now i'm thinkin i want to get a little tv to put in here. when you see the pix you'll know what i mean, but the way this place is built makes it hard for there to be full silence from the house in here, cuz above the doorway, is a opening like bigger than my body. maybe 3x7 or so. i don't know why they build places like this. maybe so it would be like a dining room, and not a room all it's own. i don';t know , but i need to find a way to block that hole. i have been in here the entire day and i wish i could have not heard any of what i've been hearing. my daughter is on a cussing kick. no idea why-- but she is saying really bad things. kinda like a tourettes person--- well, if they really are like the one i saw on dr Quincy almost a million years ago. ugh. but ya. anyhow. it's lovely. and apparently someone smells like a burnt asshole, just so ya know. :))

then, aside from her-- oh btw-- no she isnt just running around the house cussing-- she has a friend here. makes it a little less weird, but not much.
so anyhow--- soulman, with his broke ass hand, doesn't seem to be havin any trouble playin xbox live call of duty 4.... and cussing. ughugh ugh ugh ugh.

now picture it-- he did finally succumb ,l somewhat to my bitching about the noise of that game---- so he bought some headphones for it , right? so now , i don't hear the game itself being played, no guns, bombs, etc etc..... now , all i hear is-- just wait you fuckin bitch. shit. oh c'mon. all kindsa stupid crap---- for houuuuuuuuurrrs. and hooooouuuuuuuuuuuuurs.

imagine yourself sitting quietly, sorting papers, or hanging a picture, and suddenly you hear-- for no apparent reason.. among all but silence----- c'mon you fuckin bitch!!!!! cory's a fuckin burnt asshole !!!!!

OMG somebody just kill me!! right now would be good. i wouldn't mind. really.
i swear. i'm goin crazy enough as it is. do you think i need the added cussing and anger just free flowing through the house, when i am just minding my own business???
it really is very strange and upsetting. it affects my mood. and no one is even talkin to me or lookin at me.. it's just the "c'mooooon you fuckin bitch! wtf!!!"

i think i'll just croak. right here in my nice office. :))
actually all i planned on sayin was i was gonna take pix but my camera died. oh and also i was gonna say it would look better if i did a video of it--- but my gawd---- if you guys heard the music, and the cussing behind me-- you'd --- i don't know what you'd, but i'd have to explain. ugh
well.. now i don't, just in case i do decide to film it . it's hard to get a good pic of a entire room.

but anyhow-- i had no clue what time it was til i sat down here---- and i am sooooo thrilled to know that i can go to bed now!!!!!

i shall be around in z mornin.


ps--- SMOCHA--- when you comin????
i'll fix up your room next -- but i'm savin the kitchen for YOU bwahahahahahaha