Friday, March 20, 2009

F.R.T's , fat clothes, and sleep bloggin

i did think i was gettin a second wind --but it musta just been a "fast repetitive tick." (F.R.T.) bwa hahahaha!!!
i'm kidding. and i know most of you weren't here yet when i wrote that post-- so i guess it's only funny to me and my sleep deprived self. but that's alright. right?
i've heard worse ya know. hell...i've said worse too.

so anyhow-- i bet most of you are sleepin. that's really where i should be. it sure is where i planned to be by now-- or til now-- or at all. but once again i didn't make it. i assume i everntually will though. i have to actually-- i have a lot of shit to do tomorrow and i do not wanna be sleep drivin again!

i don't know why, on nights like this--when i pass a certain time--like i spose 3 a.m without makin it to bed--or to sleep--it just seems like "why bother". ya know? alarm hell starts at 530 and every three miunutes after that for another thirty. it just drives me nuts,. so, i stay up-- or maybe doze off in the chair-- but y'all know-- that does no good for the ole back and neck.

i'm sittin here now though, thinkin... man, soulman is gonna be up soon, and here i sit---that's just dandy. i know he won't be able to not say anything about it. "mr nagathon".
oh, i mean that in the most kind way.
but he will come out here bitchin... "you were up all night weren't you??"
and i'll just be like charlie brown when the teacher talks..
" mwa mwa mwa mwa".
i can't get upset today, and i wont-- not over something i have no--;ok little control over.

well, ok... it isn't quite that bad around here, yet--- but when it gets to be-- who's gonna help me haul him to new mexico??? he has a big ole installed tool box in the back of the bubba mobile. :))

bwa hahaha!

y'all know i'm just kiddin. and sleep deprived.
and mental. (certifiably so even.)

it just gets to me when every day---or every other day-- it's the same ole thing...
did you sleep?
you were up all night weren't you?
you need to rest.
OMG...yes i know. i don't plan it. and i don't like it. and really-- the worst part is upsetting those who care. well, that, and sleep driving. no fun at all.

oh hell, do i even know what i'm sayin? i think i had a direction when i started this--- but you know me...
i have zero sense of direction... where's the vocabulary garmin? (GPS)

it would be nice if they had one of those for writing huh? blogs, poems, short stories, etc etc. just throw a couple words in it and it could suggest shit to ya. like a rhyming dictionary, a thesaurus, or even just a second veiwpoint. this of course would be for peeps like me who have no identity-- and rarely leaves the house,

holy shit , i'm gettin tired-- do i make coffee, or go to bed. decisions decisions. i've been drinkin "decafinated swill" for hours. GAG me. never again.
so, hmmm... maybe i'll make coffee, and when i get back i'll tell ya somethin. ok?

ok--- well i am back. in fact, i have been back. i was adding clip art while the fresh coffee brewed. now i have a cup-- and shall continue with my half sleep blogging.

i don't guess i have too much else to say--- just that i'm gettin fat people! it's the med change. it has to be. i think i'm pushin over ten pounds now-- and none of my clothes fit anymore! it's awful. a few pounds would have been ok... but bustin outta my clothes-- (mostly pants and shorts)--that were loose to begin with? ugh. a nightmare i say.

here i come-- nekkid and freezin. what a wild woman!

actually--the other day i went and bought some new clothes... it's just that i am no tryer oner. never have been. so now, sometime today i have to find the time to go to four stores and get my refunds and exchanges.

has anyone else noticed-- todays clolthes just suck ass? well they do.

so wish me luck on my exchanging excursion eh?

oh PS- did i mention that the tile fairy came out yesterday?

ooooh lala

happy friday to you all--