Thursday, May 24, 2007

it's still thursday

what a passed few days this has been. i am plum give out ! (my aunt says that, and i love it. there's no better way to express that.. plum give out... feeling!)

anyhow, yep... i'm just exhausted. run ragged, and ready for a nap. i'm about to try, but everyone is home, so i don't know if it'll work or not. but i just wanted to pop in and say hi.
today is the last day of school. the kid has been home since 10:30 and is already bored. what the hell am i gonna do for three months to keep her "entertained"?
well actually...there will be something to keep her busy, that is now on schedule. summer school. it was confirmed yesterday. and wouldn't ya know it...the only time in my life i've ever heard of this before... we had to pay 200.00 for it!!!!! who pays for summer school???? isn't public school.. TAX dollars at work???? after we spent all that money on cars, licenses, trucks, boats, batteries, the kid clothes and shoes.....etc etc.... then it's oh, by the way mr, mrs. soulmange.....haha....i almost put my last name there. LoL... anyhow... hey guess what, not only is your kid going to summer school....but surprise...we need two hundred dollars TODAY for it. *GASP*
oh well. it's all good. i guess. she learned her lesson. we are all just glad she doesn't have to repeat the seventh grade. that was a possibility too. so i'll...well, we'll, take summer school for three weeks any day, over that!
besides... she was "commended" on her her english/reading etc portion of the TAKS test. now that's pretty cool. i told ya she could write. and read etc etc etc.
so, that , and many discussions over the past few weeks...sort of overrides the summer school thing. the money part...still not real happy about that. but as for her, as a little person. (she'll kill me if she sees i just called her that!) sorry, "a young lady" ???? she really does make me proud. she's hit a few stumbling blocks this past year or two.... but she's on her feet now, and ready to do what she knows she needs to do to stay that way. she's a good kid. i've seen a lot worse than this happen to several of her friends this last year.... she made some really good decisions.
ok...i'll shut up. i'm goin to sleep for a while.

oh...i almost forgot....

"E", at Life unscripted..(linked over there to the right...
she tagged all her readers to do this meme the other day. well, i finally did it.
here it YOU have to do it too!
(ya google "your first name likes to" and write ten that come up.
here's mine:

Brenda likes to share the fruits of her garden with her neighbors (take that one how ya want to…but I’ll tell ya… I have no garden…and there aint NO fruit in it either)

Brenda likes to tempt the listening pleasure of the visitors to her site with some samples of her sweet, sweet music. (ummm, sure, ok)

Brenda likes to shock people (oh now there ya go!)

Brenda likes to dance but doesn't like to run

Brenda likes to sit and focus on being read to from fairly. complex chapter books (they got the sit part right)

Brenda likes to casually float around the park

Brenda likes to drive fast

Brenda likes to push all the buttons and switches:)

Brenda likes to know what is going on and who is up to what

Brenda likes to weave odd short stories. (last time I checked, this Brenda didn’t weave a thing)

Brenda likes to put her creative energy into her home (sure; maybe if I had any creativity OR energy!)

ran out of time yesterday

i got too busy yesterday to post again... busy now too... but here is the poem i mentioned...written by moi ... for hubby. (June-2003)