Sunday, April 4, 2010

i am soooo tired , i could collapse right this second if i don't carry my butt to bed . immediately - if not sooner

i just can't write one more word - so that's it outta me for the day-
rest easy friends-
see ya later folks-

here comes Gwyneths head --- in a BOX

don't even ask. all i will say is that we watched the movie (seven) last night-- for the second time . and the ending both times, just makes that song come to my mind. i won't apologize. i think it's funny. my own sarcastic humor keeping me from finding it too unsettling to 'handle.' maybe.

anyhow. i know i'm losing control of my bloggin , and i'm sorry. i try to keep up. and it just seems, that if i am able to post= then i fall behind on visiting, and or commenting. or if i manage to visit = i fall behind in posting, or commenting. or of course , if i comment, then i obviously - fail in the area of everything else. i have lost my ability to multi-task. (*SIGH*) that really bothers me. y'all know about what i did with y life insurance right? (let it lapse. sigh, again) well.. ugh. several bills this past week have been totally forgotten by me. i do mean -- OOPS. what bills? house payment , what? whos credit card? 3/26 , really? hmm. the bed? that was due on the first too? / soulmans life insurance? when? / whaddaya talkinabout?

seriously guys--- i think the time has come for me to pass the torch. and it pains me to say it-- even worse to finally admit it to myself. i had a talk with soulkid last night tho-- it's time she learn about this kind of thing, and responsibility, especially since she has been talkin about owning her own business in the future. this would be the main meat of that... and it would be a good way to teach her the basics of 'bookkeeping.' so. yep. we'll get started on that-- just a bill or two at a time. maybe early in the week. not today. soulman has tried-- attempted, i should say- to take over this obligation a few times before when i seemed to do a not so good job, as in forgetting or being late with things. but let's just say -- he gets busy -- and he too ends up forgetting, or getting confused keepin up with everything-- even picking up on "my system". so i thought it would be good to teach soulkid the ropes, and get hher trained as our new bookkeeper. especially now while she's not in school. geesh i feel for her-- she is litterally goin nutty -- she wants to go to school- and it's actually sad to watch her jus shrivel and get depressed, dying of boredom. we need prayers fro y'all for this transfer to go thru in a hurry and get her ass in school -- like tomorrow. :))

oh-- here's a pic of me and audrey yesterday-- this 'place' was on "diners, drive-ins, and dives, " i think maybe a year or so ago. it's called 'Chef's Point Cafe'. i decided it would be a good place to take her for lunch-- or dinner-- it was like 5 or later - but it didn't feel that late. so we went and ate there. she liked it. and the twenty year old waiter was the most flirtatious little guy i've seen in ages. he was so cute and funny. i was havin so much fun with audrey about this, and kept callin her a 'cougar'... she was sickened by the thought--- but we were laughin our butts off. maybe ya had to be there, but we laughed like we were high on something all day long-- and no-- that was not the case. just high on life- really.

wanna see us there-- we asked a random stranger to take our pic. he politely obliged :))

so-- as for today the Easter Bunny came to visit--- he left soulkid a pretty cool basket full of goodies -- of course i didn't take a pic before she unloaded it -- so i can't show it to ya-- but i will say, it's prolly the best basket i've built in her whole life, and she really liked it. so i'm happy for that.

and, guess whhat else he did before he left? wild guess. give up? ok. he knew soulman had to leave for the week, and we had planned on a family breakfast before he got on the road... so the sweet easter bunny was kind enough to also leave eggs for us-- already cooked and on the table :)) how sweeT ; just LOOKY --

and with that --
i heart y'all. :))