Tuesday, March 24, 2009

still twosday - the weather guessers guessed wrong

i canceled my VA appointment this morning- cuz they said it was gonna rain all day. well, storm actually. i really needed to go. y'all know how cheap i am, and i am just sick of payin these pill bills. but, i canceled it anyhow, and it was too late to do anything about it when it never rained. so i rescheduled. no biggie.

i went fishin instead!!! i didn't have much time for fishing-- or so i thought. it was sposed to rain at any moment, but if all i got was a moment i was takin it! and i did.
i was headin to my regular ole pond-- but somethin told me to give the creek a shot. and y;all know the fishin has been crap over there for over a year--since it flooded.
well-- i figured i'd try somethin different. i threw a crankbait-- fire-tiger jointed thunderstick, to be exact. :)) on about my third cast--- look what i got--- :))

and there is no need to tell me that the fish looks better than me-- i already know that.

but isn't he pretty?
i was on a hill kinda-- so i couldn't rinse him off--
i didn't even have a rag to wipe off the grass---

but look at this pic :
(same fish)
well.. only fish too, but that's alright.

he's a helluvalot bigger than he looks in the other pic huh?
niiiice fish. and fun to catch.
i LOVE bass fishing.
you non fisher types just don't know what you're missin.

before i left i got hung up in some twigs on the bank as i was reelin in.
when i went down to unhook it-- cuz they don't make these lures anymore--
i wasn't about to lose it..or break my rod yankin on it.
so i go down there-- and
LOOK what i found---

any idea what they are?
well, of course they're eggs----
i mean what kind.
mary? do you know?

at first i was like oh shit! snake eggs!
yep , after the other day i have snakes on the brain.
but i imagine they're too big for snake eggs huh?
then i thought.. turtle???
i don't think so.
then it occured to me.. i think they are duck eggs.. but i'm not sure.
i thought ducks and chickens etc stayed with the eggs??
i don't know nuthin bout birthin no "wild" eggs.

anybody got any ideas?

have a closer look... there are feathers there.

also you can click on any of these pics to see better.

my back is killin me--
i was runnin around alllll day after that-
i came home for a few minutes to change clothes-
then i was out the whole rest of the day til 7 pm
runnin errands, exchanging my bad urchases i mentioned.
i even closed my last spare account. aren't y'all proud?
we have only one bank now--
and it's pretty easy to manage online.
phew--what a load off.
i will never have three banks again!

anyhow-- i hope you all had good days
and are having good nights too.
i'm whooped and suppose i shall be goin to bed soon.

laterz peeps

i'm so irrisponsible

"which way do i go george?"

the weather is sposed to get bad in a little while so i cancelled my va appointment. no way am i drivin to dalas --and back--in the rain. these people can't drive when it's dry... so uh uh.

i cancelled my appointment--
and i wanna go fishin before it rains!

i have a million things to do here--
but i just can't get motivated.

i do have an appointment later with my kid.
that's a little stressful-- her and her counselor actually.
thats at 4.
i'd have plenty of time to fish til it rains and go there.
ok thanks..
fishin it is

y'all have happy days in your worlds
i'll work on it here in mine.