Tuesday, April 8, 2008

nice words of wisdom and a bitchy SOUL

i was just lookin for a photo online to go along with my coffee/ tired/ bitchy topic, and the above link is what i came across... a long with the above photo. i was very pleased with both.

it sure makes me not want to complain. well, for now. y'all know complaining is my nature :)) i wouldn't know how to act if i wasn't complaining about something.

so anyhow, to recap my extremely BO-RING day......

i sat --- a LOT...
and my mood grew angrier by the minute
and then the HOUR
and i cleaned house
i ate for the sake of stuffing my face for the first time in a long time
and i sat some more
then i got heartburn
and i got TIRED
and hubby went to work at like 2
and i got more tired
and i got more angry
and soulkid came home from school
and i had probably checked the clock three hundred times throughout the day by now
and the homeowner called to see if the a/c guys had come-- and i said NO--
even though, i expected them by NOON
they DID finally show up ---- AT 540 PM !
soulman got home at 550 pm
he is cooking on the grill, and workin on our printer
i am sittin on my ass drinkin coffee
the a/c guys are workin on the a/c
soulkid is primpin on her hair

and THAT is life in soulland on this tuesday..

what happened in yours???

i told ya i just can't NOT complain.. even when i try not to

i'm up noooooow

what an uneasy nights sleep i just had. if you could call it "a nights' sleep" that is. i went to bed at like 10, read for maybe an hour.. woke up at like 1.. went back to sleep , woke up at like 245-- being crushed by a giant cat-- yes , jitterbug. the twenty pound torty. i haven't had her weighed in over almost two years, since she gained all the weight, after the spay-- so i really only guess at her weight--- but when you're sleeping and she steps on your boob-- trust me, it is not a pleasant feeling ! i tried to go back to sleep-- didn't work, so i smoked a cig.. and laid there listening to the wind howl. thoughts rolling through my head just as fast as the wind was blowing outside... thought of the wind, the temps, the a/c situation , the rats in the attic, by then the cat was back in my face, and then on my boob.. then my cig was gone... then i tried to go back to sleep-- finally i decided that between my the damn cat torture, tornadic (hmm, surely that's a word? ) thoughts in my mind, and the worry of oversleeping again, i figured hell, i may as well just get the hell up--- so i did. after i turned on my computer-- i noticed the time-- did you?

friggin 3:33. does that surprise anyone? well... it doesn't me. my pal jamie/simonsays, keeps trying to convince me that this crazy number that i seem to see so often, must be a good thing, and not bad, as i seem to see it-- but hard as i try-- i'm not seein it that way. in fact, i'm sittin here trying to think of when exactly i have noticed anything good happen when i have notice 333-- anywhere. well.. nothing comes to mind. but then again.. nothing terrible does either. it's just a number, that i notice a lot. i do find it odd. regardless if it really means anything or not.

anyhow. i expect to be pretty tired today. i'll prolly end up falling asleep in my chair while the a/c guys are here.. with my mouth all hangin open , lookin my best you know, as they walk in and out of the house. how lovely. i spose i will be keepin the coffee goin all day today.

anyhow-- today is forecast at about ten degrees cooler than yesterday--and it is a lot windier than yesterday-- so maybe there will at least be a breeze in the house today-- that should help some. i swear yesterday was truly miserable in here. i love a warm day-- even a hot day some days -- but in my house-- i do NOT want to sweat. ever!
in fact, the home owner did call last night-- at like 8 or so. she apologized that she forgot to call that the a/c guys were coming. i will admit, i was not very friendly with her. i'm pissed, what can i say. she apologized for not calling, said she forgot...asked if they came etc. i was like ... yes, they came..for like 2 hours and left, cuz they didn't have all the parts ! she basically repeated what i said. i was like umm yaaaa. i said they said they said they'll be back tomorrow... she repeated that too. i said.. agitatedly.... "that's what they said".. as if i knew they wouldn't--or if they did--they'd screw something up-or not finish-.... she repeated THAT!... UGH. so she says, she'll tell her husband. ok, you do that. (not like it'll change anything.)

i'm so pissed. if they would have used the guy we wanted them to-- the one who checked on the parts--and said he'd be finished in HALF a day-- we would have working air RIGHT NOW!
am i pissed? ummm, yes, yes i am. only God knows when this is gonna be done-- and or if it will be done right. this whole thing is giving me anxiety attacks and bouts of -- I wanna kick your ass-- ya know.

so anyhow----
i had things to do today-- but apparently i won't be able to leave the house. so i guess i will be playin catch up around here. which won't be a total waste-trust me. it could use it. but hey-- the dishes are done :)) just some other crap--and still need to move furniture---that didn't get done yesterday. soulman goes in late again tonight-- i just remembered that-- so i can have him help me do that today.. oh how he'll love that in the heat. oh well.

anyways-- i hope y'all have more exciting plans than i do today---
we're one day closer to the weekend-- if that means anything...
for us-- it means another weekend away... mom in law and a few of her sisters are coming and we will be meeting them for our timeshare week.. but of course we can only stay the weekend.. plus monday-- hubby is off, and soulkid will be playing hooky that day. (monday)
will be gone friday afternoon to monday night.
so-- if we still don't have a/c by then-- which we better-- but just in case-- we will at least have it for the weekend.

happy tuesday!