Friday, October 19, 2012

here i am again

hello --

it's another day -- another day that will be busy in both body and mind...  but there is progress being made.  there is a lot of things that need to be taken care of here.  but it is happening. 

if anyone wants to reach me , most of ya know how to do that -- well.. obviously THIS is one of best ways right here .. cuz it comes here AND to my email...
then there's facebook .. oh, how i loathe facebook...  but i use it lately as i try to reconnect with my peeps.  it's helping.
i have text on my phone -- which i would rather use than my actual speaking voice -- especially right now -- but -- i have spoken to a couple folks and it aint that bad.
 i will be attempting to get hooked up on SKYPE soon.. i have no friggin idea how to do that -- i will find someone to help me tho. 

i have been 'isolated' for so long i just don't know how to act.  i feel like i'm somewhere between being born, or being released from prison  :))
i'm not sure.  i feel pretty socially retarded though.  i have forgotten how to talk to people... i have lost my ability to write freely or creatively. 
a lot has changed for me and in me ... but oh, how i blame the meds.  i was blind to so much. 
'i was blind but now i see.'

ok--- i gotta GET UP --

have happy days in your worlds today !