Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i'm a loser

after i posted earlier-- we went out again, shopped for the kid some school stuff, and went to eat, -- we just home like twenty or thirty minutes ago-- now i am whooped -- and goin to bed----

i really am sorry - but i don't think i'll be doin any cruisin 'round the blog town tonight.

i will tomorrow though--
no more promises from me-- i mean well.. i do-- but things just don't seem to go as planned lately--
so-- i will see you as soon as i get there--

goo'night peoples--

does anybody really know what time it is

hmmm.. i feel like i may have done a post with that title before-- but -- oh well.. i don't have time to change it -- or find out , now.


i know-- it's not 11:56 yet-- but it's close enough. besides-- i didn't have enough "time" to waste today spending two hours on google looking for the "perfect" picture for this post.

so we're stuck with that that one.

anyhow-- i was just working on my banks and budget and that kinda crap-- when i noticed the clock... SOAB... hours have passed since i started that stuff. where in the hell does the time go?? really? when i want the time to go slow-- like when i have a lot to do, and need time... the day flies by like some kinda hummingbird on speed or somethin---

and when i have nuthin to do and am bored as hell, and want the day to just be done with--- it rolls by like a friggin dead ass slug.

this last few days that i have been trying to get everything finished and get caught up-- get ready for my nephew to come, and for us to go out of town--- i seem to be accomplishing nothin. maybe one or two things on my list for the day-- and not even a nap- 2 and a half days just gone--- poof! -
almost noon now-- 11:54... all i have done is balance my checkbook.. and handle a couple phone calls.. and blog in my comment box (below) :)) which i dont mind. oh and caught jamie for a minute-- which, again.. i don't mind that either. and now i'm posting.. and i don't mind that either..

but what i do mind?
i have soooo much to do-- and i just know it isn't gonna get done----
i don't know how much will get done.
i do know i need to get the hell UP-- and get started tho-- and i aint even dressed... well.. i am clothed-- but not in a way that i can be seen outside. so-- i best be gettin presentable, and hit the the road. i'm down to three hours-- to accomplish about six hours of "work".

somebody come help me.... i mean "visit".. ya , that's it-- come visit me. :))))))))))

i will catch up with y'all later---

i can't promise i'll make it to everyones page today (tonight) but i will get to as many as i can.. and hit the rest in z mo'ning...

just remember "the squeaky wheel gets the grease"
and smocha
and mary

i'll do my best to get get to everybody tho---

oh yes-- and to those who don't know--
smocha mentiioned a "cankle"
below-- is a photo of a cankle

obviously- it is when your
calf-meets your ankle

(did i mention i have a couple mini-posts in my box below?
well, i do)

happy humpday!!