Monday, July 12, 2010

wanna meet our new addition ? plus more stuff

mornin folks -- i would say happy monday -- but that doesn't usually go over too well. no one seems to welcome a monday as much as any other day. they all seem the same to me. well, at least until school gets goin again. then it'll be a real monday for me too. (again) - with real schedules and stuff. bleh. for now, and in other summer schedules , it's just touch and go. there are always appointments, and other things to do, but not a daily alarm, or the other regular pressures of life. of course -- as you have seen lately -- the medical crap i deal with -- is ongoing, and has been - for way too long. it wears on me. more than y'all prolly realize. even without the damn dr's and the waiting for results and all that crap. just the daily BS , meds, and pain. gawd. i'm just tired of it all. but let's not go there. shall we.

anyhow. there's been a delay in soulkid getting her drivers license. which also puts a strain on the emotion level around here. you know how teenage girls can be-- add 'waiting', and added stress, and not knowing -- ugh, and other things to that? she is at a boiling point -- constantly. waiting on, and hoping to be able to trust "the system" - must be horrible for her. and guess who catches the fall-out?? yep, dear ole mom and dad. the yelling, the crying, the fits, the everything . and it's crap i say. as if we didn't have enough of our own grown up bs to deal with-- we gotta put up with teenage emotional war too? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh healP me . we need an intervention. super nanny ? where are you?

oh. pardon me. have i run off-topic ? again? you know that's why you love me. why you read here. cuz every read is a surprise. you just never know what kinda crap you'll find here. aint that right? my mind runs 100 MPH every second of every day - and i don't sugar coat it one bit. what you see is what you get. whether you like it or not. well, i spose if you don't like it -- you don't have to read it. do ya? ugh. i don't even care anymore. i love ya -- but i can't make ya love me back. can i? noop. that's alright tho. i'm a damn brown recluse anyhow.

i came across a video i made a long while back. about my bloggee peeps. haven't watched it - prolly since i made it. so many of y'all on there -- i still think of near daily -- but now, seldom even hear from. several newer peeps obviously aren't on it. wish ya were. perhaps i'll put it on here, while i'm thinkin of it-- lest i forget.

but-- anyhow-- once again -- an introduction of the new soul-addition-- the cat -- erg has been lost in the fog of my ramblings.
s0 without further insane babbling -- i bring you


the 'deal' WAS- soulkid could 'rescue' douglas' from his fate of the pound -- on ONE condition. that being = he was to LIVE IN her room upstairs. never come down. i do not want to ever see him. he is NOT to disrupt the other animals.he will eat, drink, shit and breathe IN her bedroom. she will CLEAN up after him and take care of him on her OWN. AND she is to find him a home BEFORE we leave for arkansas -- on the 23RD !

do you think it's goin down that way? oh hell NO ! aside from the food, water and litter in her room? she has not only brought him downstairs. she has also -- found ways - sneaky , devious ways -- to 'make me' HOLD him, watch him play, watch her love him, and play with him. she has offered to pay for his neuter, and also 'reminded me that he is only three months old -- my attachment to sushi- and the age of our other cats. these facts -- making it impossible to take anyone - except douglas when she leaves home.

she's workin me folks . and i hate to admit it-- i do believe she's winnin. again.


anyhow-- we-- me and the soulman - are supposed to be out on the boat fishin right now-- but the wind gods are frowning upon us. i am highly disappointed . i been lookin forward to this for days. my happy is nowhere to be found at the moment.
has anyone seen it?

i hope y'all have yours !

do have happy days in your worlds today -- i insist ! :))

latah folks