Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm Blogging And I can't Get Up!

ola my peeps...happy sunday to you....
i hope no one is suffering any huge hangovers, or other saturday night repercussions???
luckily i am not. i'm just sittin here cruisin the blog world. seein who's up, and who's up to what. not a lot goin on this morning. yesterday morning was quite the opposite. hopefully the chatter will pick up later on.

so anyhow.... i guess i shall post a little about my day yesterday. and maybe some plans i have for today. i didn't write much "real" stuff on here yesterday, because everyone seemed pretty up, and i didn't want to bring any negativity into that. i quite enjoyed seeing so many having good days for a change.

NOT that i had a particularly bad day... just a little off. for a while.

i woke up... well, that's a given right...and a blessing too, if ya wanna look at it that way :)
then i did my blog rounds, and chatting back and forth with people in the blog world.
after that... even though i had my ... i need to do this , this , and this, list .... i decided to go fish the creek. it has been quite a while since i have fished over there, and i wanted to see how things were going...and looking there. well, hubby woke up, and he was tired from the day before...he worked all day, then immediately from work headed off to fish a home after 11 p.m - midnight. so he was pretty whooped, and didn;t want to go. but i went anyways.

well... i got there... i was "feeling" ok. not ill or hurting or anything. but i'll tell ya... i didn't fish for more than half an hour before i felt like total shit. but... being the fishing addict that i am.. and the creek really looked the best it has since the first flood weeks ago... i pushed myself to keep trying. i just kept feeling sicker, and weaker. but.. i decided... ok, i'll just sit down, and "drop shot" for a while. so i did. rarely when i fish from the bank...actually... i never sit down, bass fishing from the bank. i never have. ti'l yesterday. i sat for maybe another half hour or so, drop shotting...didn't catch anything that i had to switch baits...which meant standing...again. well, i switched to a spinnerbait... i actually got a couple hits..then i got a fish on...but he fell off before i got him out. he was small so it didn't bother me. but even after knowing that the fish were still there, and starting to bite... i couldn't take it anymore. i wasn't even sure i would make it home. i really felt like i was going to faint. or puke. or both. so i gathered my stuff and came home. as soon as i walked in the door, hubby noticed i looked like hell. he thought i was hot. well i was hot..but it wasn't the heat that was bothering me, it wasn't all that hot out yet at that time. i just was SICK. he offered me a cold drink and some food...but i still had some iced tea , and i went straight to the tub. after a long cool bath, i felt somewhat better, but still just flat out EXHAUSTED. but not i need sleep exhausted ... it was just ill. so i laid in bed for HOURS. like from noon til 5. then of course i HAD to get up and feed the clan.
which by the way my daughter came up with a delicious recipe that we just had to try. yep... she has inherited the chef gene. but she can't cook yet. that's my fault tho. i think i mentioned on here....or somewhere once...that when i was nine and home alone i caught my robe sleeve on fire while i have not yet taught her how to cook on the stove yet. she does make a mean pizza in the oven though...her own design .
so anyhow... ya... her recipe... was honey, lemon, basil, chicken.... even though she came up with the idea...and at first, offered to help me cook it...she backed out at the last minute, and i prepared it on my own. and damn if it didn't turn out delicious.
ok... then after dinner... ummm... i think i lasted only a short while in the living room with hubby before i was tired again...or still... and ended up back in my room. until... we got a wild hair to go to the movies. at like 9 o'clock. soooo unlike me. it was actually about 8 when we started talking about "doing something"... then the movies came up...the dollar theater of course. the earliest next movie was at 930. OMG. just the thought of a movie that late...yes i'm old i know... made me tired. but i drank a couple cups of coffee while daughter primped..and we went and saw "blades of glory".... if you haven't seen should. i know it looks like the dumbest shit ever put on film...but it was funny. laugh out loud funny. we all three liked it a lot.
after that we came where else would we go, right? and, yep, you guessed it...i went to bed...but i took my meds and got online for my last blog rounds of the day. OMG. i hope it wasn't a mistake... but so far, no blogs i've checked have made me look like a drunk ass...yet.
then...the next thing i remember, hubby was once again rescuing me from my laptop! i had fallen asleep while filling out a form that i know nothing about this morning. i hope i didn't buy anything!!!! LOL
Good Lord what a day.
i guess if i get anything in the mail... i'll let ya know. maybe i ordered a FAIRY!! :))

ok...that's my story and i'm stickin to it.
more later..