Sunday, April 18, 2010

sunday soul-stuff and stuff

hiya folks--
how are y'all on this fine sunday morn? me? senile, as usual. i didn't even know it was sunday, til i just checked so i would know what day to say on this post. my brain is fried. i don't know if it's a permanent and worsening condition. or if it's temporary, and hopefully , eventually, cutting back, or quitting smoking- and perhaps getting outside, might help. my brain is literally starved for oxygen. we all know the many problems that can cause.
if anyone remembers? after the lung clot ordeal? i seriously had some permanent, stupidity after that. subtle things, but really- it was immediately after that-- and to this day -- i still have problems with simple things, like spelling, talking, forming sentences, of course remembering -- which was always an issue - but it got even worse after that. i don't know guys . but everything is deteriorating even more.
example? -- my friggin bills and bank stuff -- number one. i swear-- not a single bill this month has been paid on time this month. not one. and one of them, the boat storage?? 16 days late--- totally slipped my mind!!! OMG. this and the spending spree? WTH? not me. y'all know. it's not me to do these things. we would go without groceries or gas before i would pay a bill late. i would stay in the house and not go anywhere-- before dropping cash the way i just did. i didn't pull that kinda crap when i was single and could do it without causing problems.

just don't know what to say for myself. except that hey. no permanent damage. save for the guilt and the kicking of my own ass. forever.
oh -- and the fact that if not for this stuff? i would be able to replace my coffee pot !!!!
(machine- maker-- whatever ya call it). i do not know why i am cursed in the way of coffee makers, but y'all know i am. our coffee maker that we have owned maybe less than 6 months -- is a complete and utter POS! not only do i have to wait for my pain pill to kick in before i can make coffee-- really, for some reason it is just heavy to me and ya have to hold and carry and insert this 'tray of water' that feels like it weighs ten pounds, from the sink back into the machine-- ugh. i don't know-- but not only that-- once ya do get it in, the f'n thing not only leaks--- it dumps water all over the frickin counter while it makes coffee-- for five or so minutes. so ya gotta put a towel -- or whatever is handy at the time under it so the entire counter top doesn't flood. while the coffee makes.
trust me folks, it ust doesn't make for a relaxing first cuppa. it doesn't. hubby used to always pre-set the timer and i would wake up to coffee ever day-- but now he can't do that-- or ALL the water would drain out onto the counter over-night.
this shit only happens cuz i am ME. you know that right?
i need a coffee fairy. i'll find one shortly. so check back later -- y'all know ya love the fairies :))

wow-- who peed in y wheaties? i wonder that too. could this be all about the crappy coffee maker? maybe. i'm the only one up here so far. could i possibly piss my own self off this much? well i spose i could.

so. how bout i tell ya bout the movie we went and saw last night? it wasn't even planned to go out last night-- til soulkid pipes up with soulkid 2 is spendin the night and we need a ride to the farthest mall from the house-- daddy please take us. hmmm. i said don't even ask him. but of course she did. and of course he just can't say no to daddys little girl. so i told him i'd go with and we could see a movie while they kicked around the mall for a couple hours. so we went and saw THIS:

and i have no regrets.
it was sooo funny. if you aren't married -- for any length of time-
you may not find it as funny as we did-- or someone who has been.
but it was just funny. i'm sure it's funny to other folks too- but the boring, same ole same ole - long time married thing -- just adds the -i can relate - thing to it.
and it's good.
and you'll laugh.
a lot.
so go see it.

so. after that we came home. i watched a couple UFC fights on the telly with me hubby, then i went to bed. i was so tired - it wasn't real late, maybe 10 or so, but it felt like midnight. and y'all know i need my beauty rest :))

so anyhow-- what are y'all up to today?
hope you're dry and warm today in your worlds...
it's rainin here - and dark and icky... third or fourth day runnin. i can't like it.

catchy'all laterz-