Saturday, October 18, 2008

it's a shirty kinda day ummm night, uhh ya day - ish

cuz if you really wanna know,
at the moment, i am gettin rather irritated at the fact that
i am still awake.
not unusual lately, so i'm sure i'll live.
but i want to go to sleep.
just can't.
so i reckon til i burn somethin, i'm good.

pre- PS:
which i think is actually called a "preface", right?
well- whatever it is ---
i started this post at 11 pm (yes, friday night)
it is now - 240 a.m
on this same "night"
i have yet to have laid down-- or slept.
and i am not happy about that
at all.
but hey--
i'm breathin.
we're good.

so, off we go-

Here it is, 11 pm, I’m wide awake, and exhausted at the same time. I should’ve had my old lady self in bed hours ago. I hate bein this way. But gone are the days of early to bed and early to rise I guess. Now it’s just take it as it comes, if it comes, and hope for the best. Hmmmm.

So anyways. I am finally attempting another video of my office. It’s uploading right now- to utube. Hopefully it’ll work this time. It’s still entirely too long. My voice is entirely too dull and boring. I don’t even know why I bothered makin it. blame smocha. She wanted to see it. hope she likes jimmy buffet :)) hope you do too actually.

I added the music in an attempt to cover my voice—but it didn’t work, so you have my voice and the music—and I’m not sure which is more irritating. Let’s just call it a bust and don’t watch it if you don’t want to. As if you would anyhow. Ahh I just saw the very end for the first time—ummm.. once again, the music runs longer than the video--- I don’t think I’ll ever get the hang of this stuff. Erg.

Omg--- this is killin me – I just went back to check utube—after like ten minutes or so—it was processing—I go back after another five minutes of piddlin around, and what does it say????? Yep. You guessed it--- video too long. Sonofabitch…..

So now, I just saved it as an email attatchment and next I will upload that to utube as a smaller file—and if it doesn’t work, well then I don’t know—smocha, you can just look at the pictures again I guess. Cuz I have had enough of this movie makin crap to last the rest of the year. And just in case I haven’t mentioned it--- sittin at this desk really makes my back hurt after a while—and it’s been longer than a while. I think while utube does its thang—I shall go take some meds, cuz it is lookin like I’ll be up all night if I don’t. hell, I may be up all night anyways by the looks of things right now. Make it stop. Someone. Anyone? Haaaeeellppp meeeeeee.

Holy crap man. I got a water, took my meds, went pee, got my checkbook-to pay some bills, and now I’m back, and the damn video is still “processing”

Kill me now.

This is soo boring. The video isn’t worth the hours I’ve spent on it. so just lie to me ok. Well, if it even works that is.

Sooooo anyways. Now what. I have had a rather uneventful lazy day. I really didn’t do much. I didn’t even return the ugly shirt.

(oh btw - in case you didn’t watch the video) --- or should I say—in case the damn video won’t uploadà>>

here it is again--- ugh—I should save it for a Christmas gift for Smocha LOL

"don't you buy no ugly shirt !"

(souls manic moment)

hmmm... it almost kinda doesn't look so bad in a picture. -- no-- i must return it. remind me it's ugly. 17.00 worth of U-G-L-Y. i could get two regular ole t-shirt raggamuffin shirts that i'm ust to wearin, for the cost of "that-ugly shirt" that oi would prolly actually never even put on. much less wear anywhere.

so , let's move on shall we?

OMG I just checked utube again.. it still says it is too long. That’s bullshit. ERG.

Forget it. sorry peeps. It’s not like the office is goin anywhere, there’s pics down below here somewhere… I will eventually be in the mood to do this again… but it won’t be tonight—or anytime soon. Good lord. There’s a good two hours gone. Poof. I woulda much rather read some blogs than waste my time messin with all that.

k. so now what? Well. First of all, I have to get away from this desk, before I end up in a back brace. Ugh. My back is killin me.

(5 minutes, and ten pounds of random shit moved to the soul chair later) ---

Oh yeah, that’s mo bettah.

But I still don’t have anything worth a crap to say. Hmmm. well hell.

oh , i know-- speakin of shirts-- here's a few i came across today whilst screwin around online-- while i was sposed to be payin my late bills. :] i am excused though-- cuz i couldn't focus. so call my shrink. :))

i bet i don't have to explain why i like any of them
i just DO
(do you??)


of course a sloth would be my best friend-- i just haven't happened across a stuffed one yet. but when i do y'all will be the first to know about it !!!
and don't evenask me about the underlining--or especially the blue.
i have no earthly idea.
hmmmm... well hell.. they're both gone now.
a soul moment.
how quaint.

ok---- well.. how bout this one?
a bumper sticker !
now y'all know i want this!
i want like three or four of them actually--
1 for my car--
1 for the bubba mobile
1 for the boat
1 for my office-- somewhere
one for my scrapbook
1 for-- well, i'd figure somethin out
i just like stickers---
and i love sloths!

if i could have invented the sloth-- you know i would have!

this one is just a hoot!

almost as much a hoot as the word hoot.
that's one of my favorite words actually.
sounds like something my aunt pat woulda came up with
they were a crazy bunch a people.
the clan ones-- and the poor folks who married into our bunch.
whoever said you aren't born with personality traits of people in your family that you had never met--
were dead wrong.
i see it a lot in each of us,
and it is very weird.
but better from dads side than moms.
(no offense w-mc)
that's just the way it is.
too late anyhow.

ummm well crap. i'm finally gettin a bit tiahd. now that i am finally gettin into somethin.
so i spose i will get movin on and get this finished up.

i think i'll mention my office again-- one more time-- i just love it in here. i barely sit anywhere else in the house. the only thing i don't have in here is a damn fan. for some reason it gets real real hot back here. hubby can install a ceiling fan-- i'm just not sure if we wanna invest in one; not this close to a move.
you do realize our lease is up in december?
i really don't think i have no gumption or desire to move that soon.
not anymore.
maybe if the soulkid would not throw a hissy fit if we left the school district, i might be all for it.
but she would have a herd if we even suggested that--
so it looks like we may stay another year.
i think we'll go six months at a time this go round tho.
not get locked into a year.
i really do want my own house.
i just don't want to pack, load, unload, etc again.
just the thought causes exhaustion and pain.
have i mentioned i hate to move?
well. i do.
maybe more than anything.
it's a close second to shopping.
or first.
i'd say first.
i hate to move more than anything else in the world.
i have literally had nervous breakdowns and cracked up--
from moving !
i think that is problem.
don't you?


that is why i found this shirt so cool."Pray For Sloths" whoda thunk it? pray for sloths. has never occurred to me to pray for any poor slow movin innocent little sloth bein condemned - in slothdom... just for bein a sloth.

oh boy-a... i,,,za gittin mo tiahd by the minute, and typin on here attempting to sound at least somewhat intelligent --- and kowing that i am failing miserably -- only taking longer and longer while correcting triple the mistakes, as i go. --- (((miostakews))) ---btw is how i just spelled mistakes. just for an example of one of my many many typos that you are missin out on.

anyways-- shall we move on to another shirt i found today?
don't ask why it's red-- just roll with it---
ahh now, it's black.. wth?


remember the "inner bitch???"
i'll get you that one if you get me this one!!!
but i want black-- i don't know why yellow came up. :((
but this is just too cool mon.


oh, and peoples--- how bout this one???
his will be the shirt i wear when i go kick a certain 18 year old guys ass--
all the way up to his eyez-ballz
the little fucker !

i really do try to avoid resentment.
in a lot of areal of my life--
ya know--
people, places, things.
for instance--
hell. oh sorry-- i mean, new mexico.
(for a place-)
the cats destroying my crap---
(for a thing)
you know by now-
there's a few
who really need a couple sloth ninjas to kick their asses !!


oh and folks this
awwww man...



and here we have the shirt to end all shirts!
bwa hahahaha

the question is----
who gets it?


well folks---
there you have some of the coolest-- and or ugliest shirts known to man-or woman kind-

i started this post at 11 pm on friday pm.
it is now 7:46 at the sound of the beep
i did not sleep-
during this post-
but i did all kinds of other stuff.
but-- i did not cry-- and i was not sad.
i chatted on yahoo with a couple folks that i have missed lately.
i ate some butter-toffee-- yumm
i took some sleep meds-
that obviously did NOTHING.
i took some pain meds-
that helped just a little.
i obviously wrote a extremely boring poring post-
but i did try hard to keep it on the upside of things--
not sure if i did or not-
cuz i don't feel like readin it.
i smoked at least one and a half a pack of cigarettes.
i think.
i drank 2 bottles of water, 2 cups of coffee, and maybe a small glass of iced tea.
and i think that might be it.
did i mention fightin with that damn video for like 2 hours or more. ugh.l
that was a waste of damn time.

so. now. it's alost 8 in the morning on saturday. soulkid is at a friends house. been there all night.
soulman is still sleeping. but when he gets up he is goin to a guitar show in dallas or somewhere--
a place which i have no desire to go.
so.... i do believe that i am gonna go take my ass to the pond for a while.
when i get back-- or should i say on my way back-
i shall pick up lunch-cuz i haven;t grocery shopped in decades.
then i will cleanse my fishy--i hope-- self--
and sleep---
i hope.
i really really hope to get a very long nap nap this afternoon.
because if i do not--
i will be a very very bitchy soul for the rest of the day.
and nobody likes me when i am like that.

and, if all this shit goes as planed-- i should be feelin pretty good later on..
and if anything better or decent happens ---
i will let ya know .
cuz i tell ya--
i'm just about done with the cry baby bullshit---
and i know y'all are too.

so, i'm gonna see what i can do about
no promises.
and hey---AC

oh crap!
one more thing before i go--
i did happen to find one more thing to share with you--
i found it on accident...
it's a --
it's a --

woo hoo !!!

hope you all do have a great weekend--
it does look like mine is
startin with a nap-
i can't handle one more minute awake.
perhaps i will have a bit of energy for some fishin later on--
if i do- and manage to catch anything
i shall show you my catch this evening.

if not-- i shall cruise around and hope to catch up with y'all.
i miss ya and haven't forgot anybody.
just busy--- or senile--- or sleepin.
not a whole lot else happens around here lately-
but i'll work on that.