Tuesday, August 21, 2007

i was harrased by the lawn mower man!!!

for real !
ok, fine, he was there before me, and he was just doing his job. but man i tell ya, i would bet money that he was enjoying himself as he ruined my fishing! i could tell by the way he smirked at me every so often..and also by when i finally decided to move to the opposite end of the pond.. to get away from his irritating mower noise... not to mention that the fish were also having a nervous breakdown, hiding somewhere else as well, and not biting for the first time in several days!
so i go over there.. and trust me.. it isn't a short jaunt. not hauling twenty pounds of crap and five rods. erg. so i go over there, and start to fish... and what happens? ten minutes later.. there he is! on his freakin loud mower.. smirking at me!! just ridin around in circles...taunting me!
one time he even rode up the sidewalk behind me. ugh. sometimes i wish i was a dude so i could just kick peoples ass at random when they piss me off!

but anyhow.. when i did get over there...before he came over.. i did get a fish, like on my third cast... but... it wasn't a bass... and it wasn't pretty. it was a catfish... and he ended up getting tangled in the line, so when i pulled him out he had a big hole in his belly, and like a gut sack hangin out!!! i thought of killing him..but he wasn't gushing blood, so i let him live. poor ugly fishy.
wanna see?

(you can just see how much i love to handle catfish, no?)

so anyhow... he bit me while i tried to unhook him, and with his guts hangin out, well i just thought it best to do him a favor... SO>>>>>

(i got my revenge on him AND the lawn mower man! and fatty here had a snack!)

not really... but i did leave.. there was just too much noise, and i knew i wasn't gonna have any luck...so here i am...doing what i do best...well..i am doing laundry and balancing my checkbook too... but other than that.. sittin on me arse, til ortho appointment.

have good days.. mine's lookin like monday came a day late, :(