Thursday, July 24, 2008

pop tarts give me heartburn

howdy folks---


yep-- i am-- i'm losin my mind peeps. but that's alright i'll find it somewhere-- eventually.

i've been like this for a week though-
and it doesn't seem to be changing.

i was laid out for two days after the last PT session.
i had the worst headache of my entire life.
and i tell ya- i have had ALOT of headaches in my life.
and alot of them i have said were the worst.
but this was really the WORST.
i trembled in pain. i writhed in pain.
and i puked from the pain.
if not for hubby i am certain i would have laid there for days,
until i got the nerve to call someone for help-
prolly 911-- seein as i don't know anyone here.
it was really really bad, and i thanked hubby,
and GOD, that i had hubby to help me.
i was in bed for hours like that until he came home from work.
he immediately called the pharmacy for medicine, that i didn't have,
and they got it ready right away-- which is usually unheard of.
it was just pure hell.
i hadn't felt so hell-pless in a very long time.
and i did not like it.

yesterday i called physical therapy, and canceled the rest of my sessions.
i just can't risk feelin that bad again. they really did work me too hard for only the second time.
besides that-- three days a week? i don't even feel good three days a week. what the hell was i thinkin??? how the hell am i sposed to drive half an hour -- do that shit for an hour, and drive half an hour back-- and still expect to DO a damn thing, or feel half way decent/??
what a dumb ass. ugh. so yep-- that's over with.

hmmm.. what else?
oh-- bad chicken--

ate me some "little too old" chicken last night. :((
and paid the price this mornin.
not fun.
just so ya know.
gotta cut back on my guesstimate of how long to keep chicken in the fridge.
good thing i was the only one who didn't get fast food last night.
figures doesn't it?

welp-- i have to go run errands , and get ready for this vacation thing.
before it changes AGAIN.
seems that pensacola isn't gonna happen.
we've gone from
chorpus christi
to south padre
to p-cola
to lake amistad
to pensacola
lake amistad
would somebody make up our mind?

hope you all have happy days today
i shall cruise around when i return.

oh-- for your viewing pleasure--
martha stewart -- on crack :))