Tuesday, February 24, 2009

you know you're jealous -

have you seen such a beautiful day at this time of year?

man, it was a good day today-- and temps around here-- 79-80 degrees F.

can you believe it? and i was too busy to fish! bum-mer.

i busted my ass today.. still doesn't feel like i did much-- but i actually did. i bet i put in an easy twelve hour day. now i'm fixin ta pass out.

a couple things i did get finished? taxes-- almost all the way sorted.

but i do still have a looong way to go.

i just wanted to show these weather reports-- cuz i know many of you are stuck in cold, and or, snow.

have a gander---

Partly Cloudy
76° F | 61° F
Partly Cloudy
81° F | 52° F
Partly Cloudy
61° F | 41° F
54° F | 32° F
56° F | 36° F
Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Partly Cloudy Clear Clear

it hit 81 degrees here today-- and i was too busy to fish. dagnabit! woulda been a perfect day to catch 'you" a delicious bass :)).

how bout this?

in further tx weather news

... The first 90 degree temperatures of the year in North Texas...

Although most parts of North Texas saw temperatures in the 70s to
lower 80s... the extreme western sections saw temperatures climb
above 90 degrees this afternoon. Breckenridge in Stephens County
climbed to 95 degrees. A surface low pressure system had moved to
just northeast of Graham by mid afternoon with an accompanying
trough extending southwest to just east of Eastland. Behind this
low and trough... winds were westerly and the air was very dry.

Although temperatures in the 80s and higher are well above
normal... they are not unheard of. Last year... on February
25th... most of the region saw temperatures in the 80s. Dallas Fort Worth Airport /dfw/ and Breckenridge both reached 88 degrees and Waco reached 84 degrees.
Back in 1996... Waco reached their record high for the month of February with 96 degrees on both the 21st and 22nd. Also in 1996... dfw reached 95 degrees on February 21st... their second warmest February temperatures. Dfw set the record high for
February of 96 degrees back on February 25 1904.

well, there's your weather history lesson for the day :))

now-- take a look at the forcast---- it may hit 81 again today !
this is my kinda weather!
i have a room for rent -- i'll take ya fishin too. c'mn peeps!
(you don't really have to rent it-- you just have to sleep in the room with the litter-box :))

i didn't get to fish tho-- i was just entirely too busy. and it really bummed me out.
maybe next time--i'll have a do nothing day-- and do whatever i want!
like cleaning when i find my mojo. nah-- screw that--- this weather most definitely calls for fishin!!!

so anyhow-- soulkid starts home school tomorrow. along with a schedule and regimen. this sittin around doin nuthin every day for her-- is killin me!

cuz , that's just the way it is-

this is when i think she and i --- should watch more tv together-- or go to the movies--- just anything. change. it really can be be healing.

i really am doin the best i can right now---
i just--as usual--don't think it's good enough.

but hey--
ya can't blame me for tryin.

or- can you?

chow peoples

it's 6 a.m have you seen my brain?

yep-- that really is my car ---
i told ya 333 is not good luck..

mornin peoples--

i just can't get it together folks. i swear i think the psycho hospital must've done something to my brain.. like electric shock-- or maybe a lobotomy ! that i don't remember.
my memory hasn't been "right" for several years-- but lately-- since a day or two before i got out of the hoosegow -- my memory is just CRAP! not as bad as when i was in , or even a couple days later-- but i still just don't remember stuff.
a few examples? for one-- i can be cruisin blogs... and i will read a post-- that to me, is new..or one i haven't seen before-- then i'll go to comment on it-- and guess what? there I am.. having already commented a day or two before. sometimes even that morning! i have to say, i am getting quite upset about it.
another thing? the most recent being just this morning... i woke up around five-ish ... i started to just try to go back to sleep-- then i thought - "oh hell, it's saturday !" -- "maybe i can grab my buddy on chat--if she's up.."

well guess what? y'all, i'm sure y'all already know this-- but it's flippin TUESDAY! WTH???
aaaand i feel just about like
<--------- HIM! ugh.

i'm beginning to get pissed off at my neuro doc-- i really think he didn't see the importance of my (new and worse) memory problem--
but he could have and should have at least looked at the MRI films.
i want to know what "lesions" are on my brain-- and what that means. and if it has anything to do with my memory. or a stroke-- like the other doc said--who did the mri. this is my brain folks-- if i get any worse with my memory-- or moods--or any of these stupid things goin on lately--- someone better just do me in... i am not gonna go thru the rest of my life being a moron. ugh.

oh, before i forget :))
i have to ask y'all.... does this kid look creepy, or what? she looks like a friggin ax murder to me! it's a sandwich kid, chill the hell out!
ugh... freak-ay serial killer in the making, i say.

oh, so anyhow--

these are not MY fence-- but similar...

it's still dark outside-- but later on, i will try too get my own fence up here-- so you can see --- "if it aint one thing, it's another".... UGH

such as.. bein stuck right here and not able to write below those pics.
they just keep movin down as i type,
and it's quite irritating. :(
AHA-- i fixed it! (i hope.)


(it's cuz i'm me ya know)

of course y'all know i will never
be caught up-
but , one can hope-

ok anyhow-- not much else goin on around here. aside from the fact that i have a huge mess on my hands after a week of accomplishing very little around here. well.. i did get caught up on my kitchen..

yup-- dishes too! :))

and my umpteen loads of laundry-- of course that is a never ending task, much like the dishes.. but at least i'm not overwhelmed by those things today.

(oooh--she's got the right idea eh?)

(looks like MY couch, but it's not)

i also have most of my tax crap sorted.... that alone took DAYS. ok many hours a DAY--for DAYS. it wouldn't be so bad, if i could be more organized with the med , dr's, and rx rcts through the year-- then it would just be all right there when it was time to get on it. but noooooo----- i have to go thru every drawer, file, and cubby hole at tax time-- to find these rct's .. which in the end NEVER make a difference in our refund. so, why do i bother? i spose cuz i just have hope that one day-- all the cash i pour out for these things.. will come back in one way or another. ugh... there's just so many of theeem!

but, i do believe i am pretty close to just adding it all up now-- and there's ALOT.

i bet a third of our money goes to medical shit-- at least this year it did. ugh. i am not lookin forward to the total tally on that ... but rest assured, i'll be bitchin about it later. :))

alright peeps.. i reckon i shall get outta heah, and try to be productive today---

my never ending list is gonna be big as a quilt if i don't get off my arse early . and wouldn't ya know it-- speaking of medical bills-- i have a stupid appointment smack in the middle of the day--- i know after that, i will be outta gas-- it takes a lot out of a person when they hate their doc. (endocrinologist today).

so anyways-- y'all have happy days in your worlds today---
i don't expect happy in mine-- but busy is good-- sometimes.
laterz y'all...