Friday, July 30, 2010

HELL-OH again :))

howdy folks !

how's things? hopefully good, in y'alls worlds.
and, unless you use face-book, you wouldn't have a clue as to what's happenin here . that's why i'm risking life and limb to 'attempt' an update here.

ok, life and limb is a bit drastic, but not far off. i'm forced to use my desktop computer this passed several days- for any and all things computer related. well cept the few things i do on my phone - but i can't hardly see a thing on there so even that's limited. and here at the desk -- OMG - after the first 15 minutes , my back is on fire with awful burning pain, in my neck and back. it drains me, hurts me, makes me tired -- add meds -- what's that give me? a ruined entire day. for what? a couple hours of 'mainly work stuff' on the computer. cuz blogger has been doin me wrong on every computer in the house, (including a IMAC- i thought they didn't GET viruses? ) - and my laptop is flat lined! even after buyin Mcafee. - and supposedly killing 111 viruses. now it won't even connect to the Internet much less anything else. this mornin i was tryin to move all important pix and files to the desktop - so soulman could remove and replace ALL programs on there - in hopes of fixing whatever the hell is wrong with it. for some reason, all that will "move" is photos', why? how do i move my files , music, and movies? anyone know? i'm usin a chip thing -- whatever it's called. (it goes in your USB port - copies from one cpu to another -- course- not in MY case. :((

so anyhow-- surely you didn't come here to listen to all that junk? what else can i bore you with?

oh -- how 'bout THIS? i didn't make this one.. i hijacked it from my sises blog (yes, another one) i haven't had the means or the time to do anything with my pix - i didn't even take very many while i was out there this trip (arkansas) last weekend. so yeh enjoy her video - as my cpu troubles have disrupted my life all week. not to mention other time consuming 'activities' -- no, sadly, no fishin. all business, no pleasure. oh-- cept for lunch with a friend of mine yesterday -- this is so cool; a story all its own. i'll tell y'all about her when my laptop is fixed. which i hope to be very soon.

(click twice/then watch it big )

ok well, that's entertainment, eh?

i had more to say - but soulman is on his way home, and it looks like we're actually gonna go out for family night-- once again with boyfriend in tow. NO not mine :)) soulkids. dinner. anyone know what's at the movies?

OH CRAP! i just remembered somethin ! guess what y'all? i checked my bank yesterday -- no not that part - that's no surprise i know.. but get THIS --- know what was there? my refund from the massage place!!! every nickel i expected ! 199.95 !!! phew. over and done.

anyways -- i'm outta heah for tonight -- i'll be back when i can be.

happy weekends out there -
hugs all around!