Tuesday, March 18, 2008

weekend photo edit

ok y'all here's my photo journal to go with the weekend post below---
(click photos if you can't see the deer
they're camo ya know :))

(look a deer !)

soulman- one of day 1 fish

me with my only scrawny ass bass
goo-lawd i NEED a hair-cut !

i couldn't not kiss my bass ya know

this was where they moved us--
the one they keep tryin to make us buy
(just so ya know how rich we are NOT--
we paid 7000.00 for our po peep place--
they keep trying to get 20-30,000 0ut of us)
they will NEVER get it!

however--- the elevator WAS tempting!
just kidding.
but it was very nice.


i love deer

pret-tteee deer

soulman day 2 fishy

this would be me--
freezin my ever lovin ass off
on day 2

this is hubby day 2
happy as a lark
with fish 2
not caring that he's cold

does this look like a 32,000.00 living room to you???
me neither
crazy bastards!!
it was nice-- but NOT that nice
(ours is a cabin btw-- and personally,
i like ours MUCH better than this frilly crap.)

ahhhhh but the tub was very nice.
i want one.

the view from the balcony-

the balcony-
with the very hard -painful chairs-
see why i smoked inside?
bad me.

(exotic ram hunts?)

this was in austin at
the drag.
i do not know this person..
just like the grafiti
and thought i'd say hi to y'all :))

surely at least some of ya know why i took this one???
it's just a thing .
but it made me smile.

soulkid with souldad

goodbye hill country
we'll miss you.

it was very nice there
i just wish the weather would have been better.

i did get some good pix of the girls--
but i can't post soulkid 2 due to her request.
sooo that kinda sucks, cuz they're cute.


happy days to all of you.

looks like i'm stuck at home today--
i may venture to the store cuz we have NO food here
but the weather is really BAD so i dont know--
maybe i'll have soulman grab some stuff on his way home.

oh i just remembered--
his baby's' flight was canceled because of the storm..
she will be here tomorrow if the weather is better.
he will be really bummed when he gets home.
he was really excited about getting her today.

i need to get her pic reposted up here .
i'll do that later though.


there she is
her name is Eevie
soulmans new wife

tuesday stuff

hi folks--

haven't quite made it through blogland yet-- i'll get there in a few-- just wanted to get a little post up first.

finally HOME. funnay how just a few days away can seem like so much longer sometimes. it really feels like i've been away for a week, at least.

we picked up sushi from the kennel... she seemed really strange right away. she has been there several times before, and we have never had a problem. they call her "the screamer".. because she barkes.. ALOT. like constantly. so they keep her in the bathroom. to keep her calmer. seems to have always worked out ok. we pick her up-- and she is always thrilled to see us-- always her hyper, jumping, happy, crazy , sushi self. well... yesterday-- she was mellow, and quiet, almost skiddish, or scared.. she almost acted like she didn't even know me. it even crossed my mind that i had the wrong dog.. and the funny thing about that? soulkid said the same thing!
that is how odd she was acting.
another strange thing? soulman dropped some potato chips on the floor "our sushi" would have been on those chips in half a heart beat---- we had to point them out to her, and put her on the floor before she saw them, and even then, she acted like she wasn't sure she wanted to eat them... this is the dog that will snatch a dropped jalepeno off the floor and RUN into her crate with it before ya can take it from her!!! she's just acting sick-- or weird. maybe like they hurt her-- or did somethin to her. i don't know. i do think she is in heat-- or close to it. but that doesn't usually make her act this way. if she doesn't get better later or by tomorrow though-- i will have to take her to the doggy doc. i don't like this..at all.

so anyhow-- speakin of sushi--a little while ago-- i was writin this post-- and i heard her nails in the hall-- along with gagging noises-- so-- i think she's puking-- i'm like OH SHIT! she's sicker than i though-- it's parvo ! i jump up-- and go into the hall.. and what do i see???
soulkid! standin oin the hallway.. sushi at her feet--- near a puddle of barf.... and it's soulkid who is puking !!! lovely !!!
so-- i grab some towels.. and help her out. get her a bath runnin etc.
she doesn't have a fever-- so my guess is food poisoning-- we haven't had home cooked food for at least a full week.. who the hell knows what she ate that might have been bad. great. just perfect.
sick kid.. sick dog.

soooo--- to top that off--- i have a million things to do-- one of them being to get food in this damn house-- next being a haircut-- i look like damn BOZO -- for real-- my hair is gonna kill me !! but it's raining terrible outside-- so i just may not even leave-- and prollly shouldnt with a sick kid anyhow-


that's MY mornin..
how's YOURS??

oh .. i almost forgot....
today is also the day hubby delivers his baby.

oh i mean.. gets his dog... :))

yep. i already know my new position in the family.
as of today, my whole world will change. i told him i felt that way-- he says it's not true-- but i already saw a bit of the truth in that last night--- and so did he. he didn't realize it til i called him out on it when he said something... but really, it's true. just watch and wait. you think i bitch alot now? just wait til a dog runs my life. :))

i hope you all have a great day today--

i'm not too sure about mine---
yet again.