Tuesday, August 19, 2008

oh Lord i need a break !

i just don't know where the time goes.
or how i can be so busy all the damn time,
yet accomplish what seems to be nothing.
it makes me feel..
kinda like

it's 10:30 a.m now -
and aside from gettin up for what i thought was the day-
at 2:45 ish -
with major computer issue - that somehow i managed to figure out -
yes, i was amazed too.
but that took about an hour -- and it made me rather bitchy.
so i answered a few emails, and had my smoke-n-choke
and chatted for quite a while online.
but--- by 6 ish-- guess where i found myself?

right there,
and even though, i got a reminder phone call...
i managed to sleep til
frigin 10 oclock !
when we have an 11 oclock appointment.
ya just gotta love it.

so about the dr yesterday??
just as i thought--
i learned absolutely nuthin.
at all.
he raised the topamax i already take.
which is an anti-seizure- but i take it for moods.
i'm not sure of it's effectiveness on either, to be honest-
cuz i'm one moody bitch-- with somekind of seizure disorder-

but hey--
it makes me a great role model !

gotta go--
you know how i love the traffic here.