Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sorry folks--

i'm thinkin i need a couple days off --

it's just one -a - those -kinda weeks

i'd rather not spread the negativity-
or blab about the piling up of -
well, shit.

so - i'll just lay low for a little while.

i'll be back tho.
y'all know i never stay away long.

i'm just lacking in the blog -spirit.
maybe when i catch up with myself
i'll be more focussed .

i will tell ya one thing that happened recently-
like two nights ago-
the dogs went at it again-
this time-
sushi managed to kick eevee's ass !
it was sort of even - sushi bled like a stuck pig- and lost a bit of EAR !
but - eevee is still limping, and we can't check the wound below her arm-
lest she take our hands off.
trust me, she's tried.
this go round-- was initiated by---
none other than SPOT- the freakin cat.
vet bill?
no vet bill?
trying to decide.
one more day of limping--
she will have to go to the dog-tor.
dammit !

do you want more of this?

or THIS ???

i thought so--

see ya soon