Friday, September 4, 2009

peek - a - boo !

i could prolly just stop with that and call it a post. ya think? nah. me neither. i blab too much.
this has been a bitch of a day. well, actually, it's been a bitch of a .... decade? yeh, that sounds about right. maybe that depends on the perspective though. if i pile everything up that has happened over the passed few months... it might look
something like this :

if i change my perspective;
it could look like this:


it's all in the way we look at things. i know that. and you know that. but why is it so hard to feel that, and put it into practice -- every day?
so many little things build up , even over twenty four hours -- or, say eighteen hours - if that's how long you're awake in a day. like for me, today.... my day began .. well after the basics of coffee, cigs, and a shower and that stuff, i drove soulkid to school, then when i got back i began my usual "payday slash bill-day" with balancing the checkbook to get ready to pay the bills and that sort of stuff. well.... i'm not sure what happened first --- but i think the good thing happened first, because the bad thing --- yeh, nevermind.. ok.. anyhow--- i go online and into my bank.... all i'm gonna say about this part is that perseverance pays off in the end. i saw a little more than just soulman's salary in there... i saw something i have been fighting for - for years. this last leg of the battle though? i will admit, my part wasn't very difficult. at all.
anyhow -- i literally did the happy dance. :)) , well, as best i could. when i finished with my little jig, and tellin the soul clan that my battle wasn't only won, but i had won the entire flippin war..... i came back to my desk, sat down, and got back to my paying of the bills. that's when things changed. in an instant. eevee....
shown here :

waltzes right into my office, casually gets behind my chair, AND , craps !!!!!!! yes. you did read that right. she pooped, moved her bowels, shat, crapped, shit, or whatever else you choose to call it... she did it... without asking to go out !!!! i almost had a friggin heart attack !!!! the peein inside? we've kinda got used to that by now... not that we approve of it ... but we kinda wrote it off as stress or some such thing. but today? that? oh no! i had to go back to my original thought... "she must be ill". i wasted no time in making her a vet appointment while soulman did the honors of cleaning the ummmmm yeh. that.
she was seen within the hour, they did all kindsa labs-- blood, urine etc. they wanted to 'excise' her breast tumor--- we just can't afford such things. so passed on that idea. anyhow -- she does have an infection on her back where she's been chewing/scratching a lot... they said that may be a flea allergy. (perfect ! my midnight had that problem too, and it was a horrible thing for her and us to live with).
we will get the labs back tomorrow... but for today she was loaded up with antibiotics and steroids. poor baby. i don't know what's wrong with her-- but it really sounds like my old cat--- but-- we also changed food yesterday. so-- it could be anything really. let's just hope she's alright.

ummm... what else? i can't even think straight. it has been a very busy busy busy busy day today. especially starting out that way.
oh, after all that mess, i called "my" detective... to no avail. guess he was off for the weekend. so then i called the pawn shop that my stuff was sold at--- again, not much help there either-- except that i did manage to speak to the guy who made the transaction with the thief. all i got out of him was a- i have to get a copy of the pawn ticket from 'my' cop-- and b- the guy was very tall. by very tall--- i am assuming that the one guy really did pawn the stuff, and NOT loan his ID to the other guy like he told the detective. ugh.

yes, there's more. do ya wanna hear it?

i could continue... but i don't think i will right now.
i'm too scatterbrained to be writing anything at all actually.
perhaps in the morning. that's my best time anyhow.

catch you folks later---

hope you all have fantabulous weekends!