Wednesday, August 15, 2007

my senile, the big D, and ants, and other misfortunes...

hiya peeps...

well, i obviously survived my trip to the VA in Dallas today.. but only barely. the driving part, the getting there and getting home without getting lost, is actually getting easier. i still bring a long a trusty printed Mapquest, that i refer to frequently on the road, but i manage to reach my destination. today the travel part went ok. but here is how it started :

first... i was messin around on the computer, thinking to myself that i had an 11 o'clock appointment. it had been scheduled for 730 a couple weeks ago, but one part of it got rescheduled for last week.. the lovely GYN part. ya, that one. so anyhow.. i have another scheduled for like the 27th .. and while i was printing my map, i had a flash of the reality of OH SHIT! my appointment WAS at 730.. and 11, and 2.... not real sure here, but i think it was already like 730 or 8, when i realized , damn, i'm late.

so... i go to get ready real quick.. and i go to my closet where i have a shelf where i keep t-shirts etc... i reach to get a shirt.. and they are ALL covered with freakin ANTS!! in my damn closet??? WHY??? so i grab em, and toss em in the tub and rin water on them.. get the ant spray, spray the remaining ants.. find a different shirt from a pile of clean laundry that was for once..luckily not put away yet.....*SIGH*

then, i grabbed all my crap, kissed my sleeping child goodbye, and hit the door runnin. and y'all just know how i love to be rushed, especially when i'm driving, and especially in freakin Dallas. and even moreso, when i have an ant infestation that i don't have time to do anything about! NOT. not any of it. also smack in the middle of morning rush hour...let's not forget that part. i hit some major traffic in one of the usual spots for that time of day., and decided i had better call and tell them i was gonna be late... umm , very late. so i did that. that took a little of the stress of the rushing off of me.. but i still felt real anxious , and every driver on the road pissed me off... and i almost rear ended one ass hat who decided that "now" would be the perfect time to stop his car .. for no freakin reason... in the "fast" lane. even though the fast lane was moving at a rapid clip of about 35-40 MPH. woo hoo. but ya.. i thought i was gonna hit that one..but i went to the left shoulder instead.. luckily nothing and noone was there. who teaches these people how to drive?

ok... so i finally get there... i drive through the parking lot for maybe five or ten minutes... there is NOWHERE to park. not even in the way far off places.. the lot is packed, and cars are still comin in. but none are goin out. so i ask the lot attendant guy about the "valet parking" they have in front... he says if you have a handicapped tag you can use it "but there's a line".... i shoulda taken that as a hint... but i figured a "line" was better than driving around for an hour gettin pissed off. well, i'm still not sure which woulda been worse, but the "line" was pretty bad. very bad in fact. when i got over there, i thought, hmm this isn't SO bad.. there was like five cars in front of me... so i sat there...and sat there...and sat there...and smoked a cig or two.. sitting there... ugh.
i shit you not, i sat there for no less than 45 damn minutes before i got to the front of the line. surely, i could have parked myself before then? not sure. but... i did finally get to my appointment... but obviously not the 730 one. i'll have to reschedule that one.. yippee.

so anyhow... the first one was a gastro eval, and some other basic physical questions/history.. addisons, migraines, stuff like that. that one didn't last very long, maybe half an hour , if that, and it wasn't horrible.

when that one was over, the doc says that i have a psyche eval at 2.. it was like 11 by the. i was like.. what am i supposed to do between now and 2 o'clock? (kinda bitchier than that though).
so he says he'll go see if the other doc can see me sooner. he came back, sent me out to wait, and i got called back maybe another half hour or so later. much better than three hours!

sooo, i get back there and the first thing he wants me to do is the "mental cracker test".. it's called the MMPI. it has like 300 questions on it, and good lord they are stupid. i don't know what it proves, or disproves.. but number one will be one question... you get to number twelve and it's the same damn thing..only worded differently. i took one before, on active duty... but i lied my ass off. this time i didn't lie. i wonder if they'll lock me up?
that damn test took over an hour.. at least. not real sure. but, after i was done.. another twenty minutes pass, and he calls me into his office. then come all the questions. picking my brain. i went in on the defensive.. expecting it. so i didn'''t cry or anything , but one time i did kinda say really bitchy and with motion... "i don't keep a log book of this shit!!"
he kinda flinched. then agreed that he didn't think i should.
hmmm.. i think i kinda scared him a little though.
i don't like when people are scared of me. but oh well. those dumbasses shouldn't be so damn cold and invasive.

anyhow.. that shit went on for a while... i think i hit the exit door by 1:00. got home about 2:30, maybe a bit earlier. but by then i was totally wiped out. i had a few things i needed to do before coming home, but blew them off cuz my kid called thinking the dog was having a heat stroke..which i got her calmed down about but still needed to see, i hurt, and was tired and i just wanted to get home. so i did.

i got home, i checked on the kid, and the dog, and i ate, and i fed my kid and i went to sleep at like 3 ish. i slept til 5 something.

now, here i am... bbut now i'm gone.. cuz i'm roasting, and need to ask hubby if we have another a/c filter.

alright... let's be realistic, shall we?

ok, a couple of my pals thing the fireman is a bit too young for us ole ladies to be eyeballin...sooo... i decided... hmmm. what does the real 40 to 50 somethin year old modern dude actually look like these days? so, after a little lookin around, i found one. this guy tells it like it is. the true real Y2K man ! a man for the over 45 gals .... ENJOY!

happy happy humpday

it's early... but actually, for me, i have been sleeping in the last couple mornings. i'm usually up by 5 , if not sooner. but i have been staying up later too, maybe that has something to do with it. regardless, i don't like it.. cuz i miss talking to my early bird peeps in the mornin.
i might still be sleeping right now, but i had some kind of "dream".. in it.. i didn't really "see" anything... and it was like i was awake, and laying in bed in the dark. well, that's what made it feel real... because that is exactly what i was doing. but all of the sudden, i hear "someone" or " one of the animals"... puking! it seemed SO real... that my first thought was ... my kid !!! so i jump up out of bed and rush all the way across the house to check on her. it was 555 a.m. hmmm. i get to her room.. she was of course sound asleep. then i made sure all the animals were ok and accounted for. they were. i put the dogs out, and made coffee. i already knew hubby was ok.. cuz he was right next to me, and doin just fine ... snoozin away. no pukin goin on there.
well, actually, there was no pukin goin on anywhere. what a weird freakin "dream".

so anyhow.. obviously.. i was up for the day after that.
now i'm doin the smoke and choke. i made some really shitty coffee today. i usually make it good. today it tastes like piss water. not that i've ever drank piss water, but i imagine it tastes something like this. so. ya. not good.

anyhow.. today is yet another day that will be spent at the VA hospital in my favorite place... DAllas TX. NOT. last time, admittedly, God smiled on me, and aside from spilling a giant cup of coffee on my car floor..which i STILL haven't even cleaned up, much less attempted to clean up... don't even scold me for it, i know i'm's f'n HOT out there. anyways.. ya, aside from coffee spillage, it didn't go too terrible that day out there.... even the driving part. so, please pray that i don't get lost, or hassled there today!
it's gonna be a long one though... i will prolly be there like 10-well..who knows when? 2? if i'm lucky. then another hour-hour and a half to get home. and y'all know what'll happen when i get back here.... BED!

hmmm... i guess that is about it for now. i'm already a stressed mess anticipating the horrors of traffic and drs...etc. so i reckon i shall go for now. will check in and make my rounds when i get back.