Sunday, June 3, 2007

i have groceries!

yes, believe it or not, that last post did actually motivate me to go to the store! i think it was just that it was fun.... not really the cleaning fairy. the post..not the shopping.
anyhow... hubby went with... thank God! we ended up with two carts this time! i told ya we were out of EVERYTHING . MY GAWD ! i coulda had a stroke at the checkout. the bill was like two hundred and thirty bucks ! *GASP*
i can't remember a time that we spent that much on groceries. mind you, this includes animal food, litter, cleaning, and bathing products, etc etc... but still..... it always does, yet rarely gets over two hundred. i will admit that i am extremely grateful that this will not send me running to the pawnshop tomorrow to cover a check, or force me to sell something. i mean.. thank God, THAT ship has sailed ! it's just that the play money is nowhere to be seen now. again. such as boat fixin money. well... that's probably all i wanted to do. but of course the child has a list as long as my arm of things she desires. well... she can keepa wantin. cuz she ainta gittin ! she just oughtta be glad she's eatin !
so anyhow... i just checked the cleaning fairy pictures... guess what ladies... there are FIVE of them (not four). but, unfortunately not any of him cooking. that is what i was looking for, because that is next on my evening agenda. i thought perhaps mystery man could motivate me again. well.... i did come across THIS one..... close enough for me. how bout YOU???

anyhow, perhaps i will be back later.
if not, i will see you 2morrow. just remember.... there are 2 more pictures of the cleaning fairy that just may be revealed the next time my blogging mood strikes !
C-YA :))

i think there's a nap in my near future

ya. a nap. sounds good to me. the bad thing is, hubby and daughter both are, and have been, for the last hour, asking me when we're going to the grocery store! i just don't want to go!!!

(insert subliminal message here)

well, THAT just rendered me speechless! perhaps i will go to the grocery store afterall. suddenly, i have an odd, unfamiliar, burst of energy! LOL

it's freakin storming again!

a thunderstorm ! with wind, and black skies, and thunder, and lightning. oh... not to mention the damn RAIN. it's a darn good thing i didn't shampoo my carpets yesterday. i did vacuum them, and put some of that animal fresh smell powder stuff down...made a huge difference in the look and smell of the whole fact that was the FIRST thing hubby noticed when he walked in yesterday, was the floor, and the nice smell. BUT... today.... guess what... DOG MUD for sure. why can't dogs just use the toilet??? wouldn't that be grand? my carpets... or should i say... my land lords carpets would look so much better. i'm gonna end up losing my deposit on this house if this rain continues like this. between the dogs, pet vomit...the min pin's "accidents" on the floor... and my childs carelessness with food and drinks.... UGH. don't get me started. actually, i'm finished. the carpet is trashed. bad thing.. it needed replaced when we moved IN. but now, it's just ruined. can i scream now?

ok. i'll move on. i wish the cleaning dude was here to bring me more coffee...but looks like i will have to do that myself... i shall be right back....
alright...i have returned.... ya know, it is funny to me that just that picture of that floor scrubber.. the cleaning fairy... i know... cleaning dude sounds more masculine... but cleaning fairy, just seems more fitting. we all know what i mean right? anyhow... it's funny to me that a picture... or shorter posts.... not only on my blog...but just about everyone elses too... evoke more responses than the longer ones. has anyone noticed that? i could write on here for an hour and not get ONE comment... but i put up a pic or say three sentances... and get ten comments on it. very strange. but... sometimes, i just cannot shut up. so, as much as i like to hear from y'all... i guess i will continue to post whatever comes to mind at the time. and you can comment.. or not. but you know... i prefer that you DO.

alright, anyhow. where was i. oh ya. i was preparing for my rant of the day. you didn't know that did you? well, yep... surely you knew it would come sooner or later!
i really have to stop procrastinating. due to the fact that i didn't go grocery shopping yesterday... that means that i really have to do it today... and it is raining... storming, actually. how sucky can it get. plus i have to replace my windshield wipers. which... i had planned on waiting til i got my car inspected for the registration... but, apparently, texas is pissed off or something, because it seems to be raining every single freakin day lately. sooo i have to get wipers on, and would rather have hubby do it on a day off, than have him do it all grouchy after work one day. soooo.
AND... remember how i said i wanted to go fishing today? well.... ya can't fish in the lightening! that's as stupid as golfing in the lightning. NO i do not golf! i mini golf.. but i see NO snese in golfing...walking for miles, trying to put a tiny ball in a tiny hole a football field away...shit , i can't see ten feet in front of am i supposed to freakin GOLF????
ok... so anyhow... nope. no fishin.
and to be perfectly honest.... i more than likely... will NOT grocery shop either. or get my wipers. or even leave the house at all today...for anything!!! i just do not want to deal with the idiot texas drivers in the rain. i swear.... if it sprinkles a little , these people drive like they are in a hurricane!!!! i will never understand it !!!! don't get me wrong... i love texas. that's why we moved back here after only a year in hell... i mean new mexico. LOL. really i do like it here... we all do. i like the weather.. for the most part.. i love the fishing... when i'm able to fish... the people are fairly nice... except at wallly hell...good lord...they become assholes as soon as they walk through the door there...runnning over your heels with their cart, and not sayin a word! that makes me so mad. ok... ya. so.
i have no idea what... if anything... i will do, or not do today. as usual, i do KNOW what i should, and need to do. the question of the day... WILL I DO ANY OF IT????
so... let's choose a "word of the day" shall we?
"can't have nuthin"
yes, i know, it's a phrase... but suitable for the mood i'm in.

so... y'all have good days...and hopefully y'alls plans will pan out today! cuz at this point, it doesn't look like mine will. unless the weather changes...and here in texas, sometimes that can happen in a few minutes. it's kinda like florida here. or new mexico. it can be raining on one side of the street and dry on the other. so...i shall check in latah