Thursday, September 22, 2011

to blog - or not to blog

howdy folks!  long time no see eh?  yeh well.  i won't make excuses for that -- this time.  at least i'll try not to.  anyhow.  some peeps have tellin me they would like to see me blog more often.  some folks enjoy my blog.  of course others -- at times, find that i get a little distracted and tend to drag things out and get a little too long and discombobulated.  personally, i used to love to write here.  i almost found it impossible to NOT write on these pages.  i met folks that i absolutely fell in love in love with!!  we formed bonds that remain unbroken to this day !  true friends for life !  there are a few that lines of trust were broken beyond belief as well.. of course time has taken care of that - and as they say , 'time heals all wounds' and that is very true.  no anger or pain is left.  that board is erased and i am happy and not afraid to make new friends anymore.  that makes me happy and so do the new friends i meet and continue to meet and bond with.  i learned some valuable lessons through that experience - it took some time -- but it was worth it.  and i am stronger for it . 

through that and those people who tried to bring me to my knees ?  i grew stronger as a person and only learned to love more.  not less.  i have reached out to my brothers' son - and am getting to know him - and am teaching him of his family background. although i don't know very much of my family background myself; he never knew his dad- my brother.  or any one else in our family.  we've been talking via facebook, and i have been getting together family photos.  he is thrilled with the information.  a little overwhelmed.  but thrilled.  the only picture he had seen of his dad was when he was 10 years old.  it made me sad to know this.  but i am happy to help him learn of his roots. and more to teach him more about his dad -- and so much more happy to be able to get to know my nephew !  he is such a great guy! and very very talented ! my brother would be so very proud of him !

ok - i should stop bein so sappy now.  it's been a while since i wrote a 'real' post in here.  i have been posting just for the sake of postin when or if i do for so long i forgot how to.  when i do open up and write i don't really think about it - stuff just flies outta my fingers.  it lands on the page before i know whats said. i can't really help it.  so sorry if it ends up too long - or confusing.  it is what it is.  it is my 'soul'

Fall is here -- change of seasons.  change on Face Book - my friggin Cable company even made changes.  have i mentioned that i absolutely hate CHANGE!???  i almost cannot handle change .  i have cracked up mental - just from moving !  we could move across town and i could have a nervous breakdown! 
but all these changes are right here - right now.  so- why not one more to throw on the table.  i reckon i can blog again.  if you'll read it.  if no one is gonna read it - i might not. maybe i will.  i do like to write.  then again my life is back to busy.  we shall see.

have happy days in your worlds today folks !
i will try !