Friday, April 24, 2009

oh hell.. i thought i updated this thing...guess not. oops

not much new goin on anyhow. just busy. hubby fixed the garbage disposal-- in like ten seconds. doing exactly what i was doing when i tried to fix it. figures. i remembered my mom always stickin a broom handle in there when it wouldn't work.. so i stuck a "thing " he uses when he grills meat in it. nuthin happened. he got home, he did it-- it worked. oh well. by then it was almost dinner time-- and i didn't bother washin dishes that late. american idol takes precedence you know.

i did wash em after i got back from takin the kid to school this mornin though. bout time too i say. it was gettin pretty bad in there. how it happens i just don't know. it just does. it really seems i turn around to find a disaster. it's crazy. i'm just busy all the time. i run from one doctor to another almost daily. and that crap just wears me down. why i can't ust see ONE doctor is beyond me. i have like FIVE-- or more. and they're spread out all over the place. how i keep em straight is beyond me. all i know is that i'm sick to hell of it. if pain wasn't involved-- well.. that or the threat of seizures or hospitalization... i'd stop goin to any of them alltogether.
i swear i know as much as any of them do. several of them even take my suggestions on meds or directions to go in on diagnosis ideas. it just gets so frustrating sometimes. especially the other day when my neurologist told me he "didn't think the epideral steroid shots were going to help". i could just scream. this is my time and money-- not to mention hope--and added pain we're talkin about. all just for naught .
why won't someone just tell me that i have some kind of bull shit pain that isn't ever gonna get better-- do somthing to at least ease it a bit--- and let me shed three or four doctors?? hmm?
it's crap i say.

wanna know what's not crap?
we're goin out of town for a whole week tomorrow! woo hoo. it does me good to get away from here. the dogs have to go with us-- but the cats don't. (this is me doin the happy dance !!!!!) ahhhhh.... just the peace of NOT listening to them scratch up my furniture is pure heaven!
i'm not sure if we've ever left them this long-- but if we haven't we've come close. they do pretty good without us. lotsa litter, lotsa food, lotsa water--- cover up the furniture...and close all the doors so they don't get locked away from the food and water and litter.... yes , they are that stupid. other than that- they're fine. we worry-- but not constantly-- like some people i know.. hahahahah (oh , sorry , she knows who she is-- and yes-- it's that funny)

we don't know yet if we're takin the boat with us or not. i have a feeling-- not. it's a lot of work, and it needs batteries, and this time the kid can't take a friend cuz of school-- and we won't want to leave her alone there all day while we fish. so it'll be a big hassle just to haul it out there and not use it. so i'm thinkin we won't be takin it. there's a few places to fish from the bank.
so that's prolly what'll happen.

that, and dvd's, and board games. and cards. annd putt putt golf. :))
perhaps some pen bloggin. cuz it's out in the sticks, and no phone or internet out there.
i don't care much about that tho-- cuz y'all know what else that means right? NO XBOX-LIVE bwa haHAHAHAH
oh, that's kinda mean of me isn't it? sorry.
no i'm not.

well, i must get up and get packin. or would that be crackin?

happy weekend peoples!