Sunday, August 21, 2011

i don't know where to start - these are the best ones eh? :))

mornin folks -
how's things?  well and good i hope?
here?  well, i reckon that's a starting point.  ok.  yep.  just ok.  for now. 
not that 'this' is where i would have wanted to start but it looks like where i'm at -- so - let's keep goin eh?

well or not -- i could start with the most recent of events - and then go backwards?  yeh -- ok- so, i'm sleepin this mornin , or sorta this mornin.  it was 3:04 AM, when i looked at my clock . after the phone rang.  yeh.  i kid you not. my phone rang at 3 in the morning.  for me, that is never a good feeling.  and my first thought when such a thing happens, is never -- hmm LOL must be a crank call.  how freakin funy is this gonna be? hmm.  nope -- in my world -- my heart jumps out of my chest, i frantically search for the cell phone, try to see who it is , then answer -- in a panic -- because i absolutely know that something horrible has happened.  so -- yep,  that was the series of events of the first seconds of my rude awakening at the wee hours of this morning.  not to mention the worried jump and groan from hubby , lying next to me.
But -- when i answer the phone -- who do you think i discover on the opposite end of the line?  yeh.  my sisters' friend, with my sisters laughter behind her -- crank calling me.  mind you -- at 3 AM.  do you think i found any ounce of humor in this situation?  well, sorry - but no.  not because it might not have been kinda funny -- if i didn't worry so much about the next great tragedy all the time.  or sense the WTH, and worry from hubby from the same concern of hubby with late night phone calls... but i take sleep meds - and man -- my brain is mush when i'm asleep at night.  half the time if i'm awakened suddenly -- only God knows how i might react -- but phone calls are never a good thing.
so this call didn't end well, and as i laid there for a moment reflecting on my -- ummm, bitchiness... i decided i should get UP, and make amends.  so i did that . i got some coffee and a cig, and i called the girls back. we had a good, and a fun filled conversation for about an hour- til i couldn't hold my arm up to hold the phone anymore.. and we let it go.  but i was glad i didn't let it go - with me feeling bad - and them feeling hurt, or angry.    -- NO -- that is not an invitation to call me in the middle of the night - the next time may not go the same way  :)) 

so that's how this day has started.  very early for one thing.  i hope i don't drag my ass all day - especially after the way the last few have been going.  but if i do -- what's one more. right?

cuz the last several days - maybe up to a week have been rather strange for me lately.  i was feeling pretty good. both physically, and mentally.  then almost as quick as it came -- it was gone.  mental part - was no more than bein majorly stressed.  but physically?  i was goin nowhere but downhill - fast. 
they symptoms i have been having all lean towards Addison's crisis.  i was trying to treat myself at home.  liquids - to rehydrate, raised my steroid meds, rest -- which couldn't be helped - since i was so dizzy at times i couldn't stand up straight.  pain in low back and leg - not related to my 'normal pain'.  my mouth breaks out in ulcers - on the inside - in times of stress - that was doin a job on me / still is.
well, after a couple of days of that - i decided -- after almost falling over sideways like a toy soldier - to go to ER for an IV, and other treatment.  that did not go over very well at all.  they didn't know how to treat me .. and did nothing for over two hours -- not until i had yelled at everyone from the nurse, to the lab tech, all the way up to the doctor! i finally was given AN IV. and a hydro cortisol intravenously of 100mg. which should have been done immediately on my arrival.  but was done about 3 hours after i got there.  good lawd i was mad.  i wasn't even able to drive there-- my kid drove me , and hubby picked up-  when the doc was literally on his way to discharge me - he revealed he 'forgot to check my labs !!!"    how doe you spell INCOMPETENCE!    so- i have been feeling bad , sick, and dizzy since then - and before - and still treating at home.  and at this point only feeling a tad better.     except that last night my heart rate was skyrocketing, and BP was low.  not terrible low , but low.  this shit's really gonna get me one day -- and i hope if it does someone who knows me will be smart enough to go after the dumbass who doesn't listen to me at the hospital.  i even brought web pages about the disease - and treatment along with me -- no one looked at them.  am i angry?  oooh more than i have been at a dr - or med person - peeps in a long while.    do they see iv and steroids as drug seeking?  WTH?  why don't they listen?  people can and have died from this stuff.  and so few even know what addisons IS. or worse how and when to treat it.  this isn't the first time this or worse has happened to me with a dr.  what's it gonna take to get em to listen.  it scares me to wonder sometimes.

k.. other than that?  hate to admit it but due to bein laid up for several days i don't think i have much to say.  WAIT i lied !  i DO I DO!!!

guess who is goin to Houston next week to audition for american idol????  yup -- my one and only favorite girl in the world !!!!

i didn't tell y'all this before -- for the first long while it was 'confidential.  if ya told anyone - or especially put it online - it meant certain disqualification.  so i got so used to not talking about it --
that by the time i was allowed to it was over , and i just felt i just wouldn't mention it -- until i knew how this -- next round (American Idol) was gonna go.  and now that i know for sure that is set up -- motel reserved etc -- here i am to blab my proudness :))

a few months ago - soulkid auditions for X-Factor.. right here in Dallas.  she and her dad went - three days in a row, stood in lines of thousands of people for the auditions, for days.  the first day, over ten thousand people showed up.

each day the crowd dwindled in size, but my girl continued through each of the four audition rounds.  the worst of the four was the last day. it began with 75-80  of the 10,000+ of the original contestants.  the last audition was pruned down to only a handful, and  instead of being told weather or not she would go forward -- she was told would be contacted.- along with the rest of the others who were left.  that was a very difficult waiting period.  THE day of the TV taping she received an email stating she would not be sent through.  we were sad for her, and of course she was disapointed.  but she handled it with grace and style.  she understood that it wasn't her voice that lost her a spot -- it was the shows need for the comedy/drama factor that cost her that spot.  now the rest lies in the future weeks and months with American Idol.   i won't be able to speak much about that as you all know - there are rules, and contracts etc.  but i want y'all to know to watch for her.  and pray for her -- she has the talent -- she needs the support and confidence to go forward.  the kid has sang all of her life.  i wish they could bring a shower onto the stage there -- that's where she sings the best!!  i always know when something is wrong with her-- when i don't hear her sing from the shower.

so peoples -- that's my life in recent past -- up, down, backwards, sideways, and forward.  i reckon.  it's a busy life but someone has to live it.

needless to say - between all that's been goin on, and the three digit temps out here -- no fishin lately -- but hopefully soon we'll get another break, and hopefully hopefully hopefully some rain.  

love y'all - and you know i think of ya lots !
hope you all have a perfect sunday in your worlds today -- i'll do my best - i always do - yeh that's a new one eh-- i try guys - hard work for such a small word -- but it's amazing how far just trying can get ya some times!