Thursday, November 13, 2008

i can't think when im rushed

my floor-- well several of them.. resemble the one in this room. and it is really buggin the crap outta me. the fact that we still have not replaced our missing broom makes this even worse for me, because it is just not gonna clean itself up, and lookin at is it makin me wanna just beat someones ass. ugh. seriously.
oh... if you happen to be wonderin why, i have trash and chewed up bits of paper all ---alllllllllllllllll---- over my kitchen, office, and part of my livin room floor? well that would be because my dogs are little trash diggers, and sushi seems to like to chew the paper into little pieces and move on to the next big piece.
and, well, in my present condition.. i can't quite crawl around and pick it up-- cuz i surely would have by now. i would have found a way to have it up and gone by now. but we haven't got a new broom, no one has picked the shit up, and i can't.
anybody wanna join me while i have a stroke?

ok movin on
was it yesterday? i had the ct.... i don't even know if i already even said this somewhere, but i had the cat scan yesterday--or whenever-- and also got a copy of the xray report from before.
well... i know nuthin bout the ct results yet. and as for the x-rays??? even with that weirdo hole in my arm... everything seems to be "unremarkable" cept somethin with my elbow-- i forgot the stupid word-- but it was somethin i never even heard. but not serious anyhow. there's not even pain there. then somewhere else it mentioned degenerative somethin or other a couple times--- which is basicaqlly arthritis. so big deal. none of that is causing this much pain. or should i say "that much pain".... cuz thank God-- i am gettin better.

in fact-- i'm gettin "SO" bettter that last night , i went with hubby to drop soulkid off for her "group thing", and he and i went out for dinner. OMG it was so good too. it was the closest i have come to real food in ages. oh fantastic plastic....i love you.

but--- on the drive over there---- it was just like old times. and nope, not in a good way. all bickerin and bitchin. i wish i would have kept my mouth shut. i almost said i wish i woulda stayed home, but that isn't true. i'm glad i went, cuz i have been in soul hell trapped here all these weeks. it's like friggin house arrest or somethin.
soulkid was a true pleasure-- and i let her know just how much i enjoyed her company. but it really was a bad way for me to conduct myself. and i did apologize. but somebody should give me at least a little slack. in over fourteen years, i have never called her so much as a "bad girl". well at least to her face. never. ever have i called her a name.
but-- last night i got pushed to my limits and unfortunately-- i called her a little ass.
oh yes i did.
and i shocked us all.
soulman started to scold me , but he stopped himself.
the child told me --well a few things... but also told me to "shut up'.. which also may have been a first.
but i didn't respond. cuz i was still in shock of callin her an ass. oops.

but anyhow-- aside from that-- it was good to get out.

so------ i'm gonna try again ... and am bein rushed right now

rock on my friends

i hate bein rushed out thedoor