Tuesday, June 10, 2008

sushit smiles

me n my pal sushi here, we had a talk last night---

it got a little serious, so we decided to turn our conversation to jitterbug -

i don't have any idea what was said-- but tell me this ----

have you ever seen a dog laugh???

now you have-- :))


just so ya know i'm alive

hi all--

thanks for the comments and concern--
i know i'm fallin behind-- but don't worry-- just life kinda playin bumper pool with me lately.

i did actually sleep some last night. i have no idea how much tho-- :))
i do know the last thing i remember was soulman.. literally dragging me to bed from my chair. ugh.
sooo exhausted. i finally just gave out. ran outta gas. gave up. whatever ya wanna call it-- i was soo done-- i didn't even have enough control to take my ass to bed.
i took an extra sleepin pill... and throughout the day-- may have slipped in one extra pain pill that i normally don't need (i usually don't take more than two a day-- i'm pretty sure i slid a third in last night--- pain is not my friend. :( --- so anyhow-- yes-- it apparently kicked my ass when i wasn't lookin.
i don't really think i'm complaining tho-- cuz i managed to sleep til 6:30 this morning. that, my friends.. is a damn miracle as far as i'm concerned. i was beginning to think i would never sleep again. i feel pretty rested too actually-- my neck muscles aren't too happy-- cuz i was in a not too natural position in the chair when soulman took me to bed... but i can deal with that-- better than three hours of sleep.

anyways-- looks like i have more to say than "just checkin in" .. see what happens if i just start typin? nevah know what you're gonna get :))

well anyways-- i did fish a while yesterday-- didn't catch a single fish-- they shut down-- just like i thought they might-- cuz of the weather. damn i'm good. :))

and soulman--- they didn't win any money in the tourney-- but ranked high enough to stay in the runnin.. so that much is good.
i will get to pre-fish with him for the next one-- i can't think of the name of the lake right now-- but it is close-- and it has lots of small-mouth bass in it---- i have never caught a small-mouth before. beleive it or not-- so i am lookin forward to that. (i just got the feeling that i said the wrong name for the fish--but i don't think so. duh..guess i'm still a little brain dead-- but i'll bounce back soon...i hope ) they are bass-- but brown, and get pretty big.. i want to catch some-- BIG'NS.

what else???

my story?
not much of a story-- cuz my "creative cells" are deprived of oxygen at the moment.
so it's more a flash of memory-- that came to me the other day-- it is actually something i seem to come to my mind almost every time i am in line at like a cvs-walgreens- or something similar.

but here ya go--

several years ago-- when my mom got really really sick-- she was living in california, raising my brothers daughter--who was like 14 at the time.
well, my sis lived in chicago-- with her family-- and i lived here in tx with mine- of course.

i get a phone call from my sis--
"mom's in california-- we have to go rescue her!"


anyhow-- we do our duty as daughters-- and only surviving children, and we go to rescue her.

one particular day-- well, let me add this part first-- my mother was very ill.. with parkinsons, and altzheimers... among other things- some being mental distubances, and just a slew of things-- and among her problems-- was severe-- i do mean sever incontinence (peeing her pants- uncontrolably).

we had run out of her "diapers"/depends... while out one day-- my sis was driving--- and you know how that works--- if you aint drivin---- you become the errand runner. :))

we had to get her freakin depends.. cuz she was soaked all the way thru her clothes--- let me add -- it was like 200 degrees outside-- in bakersfield california heat.

so we get to this walgreens type of store-- i hop out to get diapers... for my mother. hmmmmmmmm. we all thought i would be in and out in like five minutes.
there was some sort of problem -- maybe the register-- or the cashier-- not sure... but time kept dragging by----

finally--- there's like fifteen--or more people in line---- i was maybe.. number 4 or 5 in line.
some guy says -- loud enough for all to hear-- but mor TO the cashier --- he was holding a gallon of water--and one other thing--

"hey, my dog is out in my car and he needs some water!"

after that...
a ldy with baby formula, and diapers...

"my baby is hungry, she needs her bottle!"


me with a bag of depends...

"well, my mother is sitting in the car peeing her pants, she needs a new diaper!!"

everyone moved aside and let me go FIRST!

as soon as whatever it was got fixed-- i got to get to go first.

and my mom got dry depends and clean clothes.

and that's my story, and i'm stickin to it-

and now--- i'm gonna fix my backlashed fishin reels and go fishin ,

hope you all have happy days in your worlds today-- i will do my best here