Saturday, August 30, 2008

the lazy souls mini update

howdy folks--
just here to say hello for now--
we just got back from fishin--
not much luck in that department today--i got one-- about a five otr six incher-- and hubby got two bass-- one smaller than mine-- and one iteeee biteee one-- and one tiny perch. he was tryin for the perch tho in real shallow water that he could see in, he was just playin with it, and caught it.

so anyhow-- that's the mornin out this way--

oh except that he also got a phone call from his mama while we were there--- seems she has been readin my blog!

apparently he needs to call her more often. she's been hearin things here-- that he should be tellin her. ie---- the seizure. hmmmm. that's kinda not a good way to hear about stuff like that.
or our upcoming trip to vegas--- nope-- even tho it was only recently confirmed-- she didn't know it was bein planned.

sorry mommason--
i didn't know -- that you didn't know these things.

i also didn't know you were readin my blog- :)
you should say hi sometimes-

so anyhow--- aside from that stuff-- even though i know better, and i know i should take some time to catch up with my blog friends-- i do believe that i will take advantage of this free time that i have, and actually go take a nap. haven't had that opportunity for a while. i know it hasn't been at all this passed week. before that, i'm not sure. but i am tired. and there's some dumb show on tv-- you all know how weekend tv is-- especially when there's a man in control of the clicker. ugh.

oh wait-- one MORE thing :)) before i go---

our talk over the fishing rods this morning?

what do y'all think about soulman havin a special column here? lol. yes for real. we could call it
"go ask Soulman"
it would be where you ask him "man questions" like when a man says he isn't thinkin about anything , what's he really thinkin about?:
and he would say "nothing"

i chose that question, cuz i actually asked him that once. and that's what he said. how freeing -- or boring-- would it be to literally not think of anything at all??? man. just for five minutes. pure heaven for me. that would be peace. dont ya think?
and they wonder why women have a harder time breaking addictions. there ya have it. women think too much. men -- well-- don't think at all , apparently. :)

ok.. i'm done male bashing.
but wouldn't that be funny? let's try it and see how it goes. and if you don't want to point out your own spouse-- you could just say why do men.. etc-- and not why does my man.. ya know?

but he did say-- he doesnt want to deal with "sensitive issues"-- like marital advice etc.
but general man questions are cool.

so i think it would be fun... we could pick his brain, and really see how a guy thinks--- or if they think. :))

he's not a dumb guy either-- he knows about politics and crap like that-- so there's a pretty broad range of stuff to talk about.

i'm kinda curious to see how it would go.

let's say-- if y'all are interested-- we'll have a go ask soulman day-- on .. Wednesday? or saturday? or both?

yall think about it, and let me know here.. so i can prepare him.. hahaha.

for now-- i'm gonnna go take a nap-- and then i will be back and run around blogtown.

happy satahday people-ettes-- and brad :)) --- and mommason lol