Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hubby Tourney update

He won... did you expect less? he got the big fish of the day too...which actually, and also sadly, brought no money. But he got the kudos. he and his partner fished against two other teams, and they won against one and lost against one, by only a couple pounds... the couple pounds was the "one that got away"... hubby lost it, literally on his last cast of the day ! he lost him right at the boat. the one that woulda won the second team for them. but anyhow. here is a pic. he had a great time, but came home exhausted. he was so fired up about this whole tournament thing, that he stayed up talking all night with the other guys. when he got home he crashed out on the couch and fell asleep , just as i was telling him about the concert last night. God i feel so exciting. he was snoring in literally less than three minutes! but oh well.. he can read about it. hopefully he won't notice the cleaning fairy !

(the dude on your left is mine... nice fish eh?)

in other news.....i never made it to the grocery store today. i cleaned my house. and did a damn fine job i might add, i also took a quite lengthy nap. then i managed to make a delectable dining experience for all. how i do that with no food amazes me. but , i did have some frozen chicken breasts, and some frozen asparagus mix stuff with squash and cauliflower, and snap peas, and i had some tortellini (which i barely EVER make because it is so hard to get right...i usually don't cook it long enough)... and i had , amazingly enough, some alfredo a jar. so... i boiled my frozen chicken..because i forgot to thaw it... while that was boiling, i boiled the tortellini...for twice as long as the directions said to!... it turned out perfecto! i also nuked the frozen vegies for a couple minutes... then , i cut up the almost done chicken, and stir fried it the rest of the way, added the veggies, some spices etc... cooked that for a while... let the torts go for a while... when all was complete... i drained what needed to be drained, combined what needed to be combined, stirred, tossed, salted, and served. and i will be damned, if it was not THE BEST tortellini dish i have ever cooked in my entire life ! and i thought we would end up going out tonight. HA. how do i do it????
ok.. well, that's about it. tomorrow i really do have to go to the grocery store. i also need to make sure i know where to take the kid to go to summer school. she starts that on Monday. we thought she failed two classes, but found out that she only failed math... so she only has to take one class. math, of course. so, in a way, that's cool... but in a way... i'm pissed. 200.00 for one hour a day, for three weeks..... it may be good for her.. i really do hope she learns something, and gets the hang of whatever it is she isn't "getting"..... but for me... ugh. no bus service... which i had threatened her with.. as a sort of motivational tool. ya right. but i have to go out and take her to and from school... for one hour a day. blah.
ok. i am done for the day.
i hope y'all are having a good weekend.
tomorrow i hope i will find some time to fish at the pond, but i don't know if i will or not.
i really want to get on the lake...but the boat is still broken. still not sure what the problem is... but everything we seem to come across that could be it... looks like a very expensive deal. even if hubby fixes it... a fuel pump alone.. if that is the problem... could cost like 400.00 ! for a fuel pump !!!! then, it could be the computer. ACK. hundreds !!!! who knows???? i don't even wanna think about it right now
night all

concert part two / Do The Chickens Have Large Talons

listen to great Napoleon Dynamite quotes here:

(CRAP! i just went to the link that i had right here...and i don't know if any of you went there...i hope NOT, cuz i just went, so i could hear ND say "i caught you a delicious bass".. BUT when i got there... it was nekkid women and stuff!... so, i obviously deleted the link! google your own ND quotes, and the end result will be on you! LOL)

anyhow... back to last evenings events, etc .....

again, the concert was very good. i had a great time. the weather held out even...until on the way home. and even that wasn't bad until after we got home. so that was even better.
and like i said before... i had forgot, but remembered, the hard way... WHY i DO NOT drive at night anymore ! i guess the excitement of actually doing something grown up, and for ME, got in the way of the reality of the fact.. THAT my night vision is just not what it once was. (how could i forget THAT?) by the time i remembered... it was too late...i was on the highway, blind, and had missed my exit. i was afraid to turn around to go back for it..because there's like four different highways right there... i may have ended up in freakin arkansas if i turned back!!! so... i just stayed where i was. i knew it would get me home... but i had that constant "i'm going the wrong way" feeling" for a looong time. i HATE that! i think it's that feeling that makes the whole driving thing worse than the getting lost part. but like y'all know..we did get home. and... everything was fine.
it was pretty weird to come home and NOT have hubby here. it's usually he who goes to the concerts with the girl, and I stay home, etc... but he stayed at his friends last night, so when we got home.. it was just the animals waiting for us. it has been quite a long time since he has been gone for even one night. it just felt weird. ( so, i had my girl sleep with me!) LOL.

ok... anyhow. after we had been there for a while, chris I. had been playing for a while... my girl says all grouchy... there is NO ONE under 30 years old here!!!! so... i started looking around. now, we were on a shower curtain on this huge lawn right...(i brought a little folding stadium seat thing for back support.... so anyhow, i look all around... and i tell her, i bet ya i can find people under TWENTY! so i start to notice... oh crap... it really is a bunch of "old people". hah. so i look harder... and i start to notice some kids... and i point them out to her... i say "under twenty!"... she says... he's like FIVE, that doesn't count!" LOL... so i look some more... under twenty! MOM, she's like 8! she HAD to come!!! hmmmmmmm. okaaaaayyyy.... then i notice a group of three "hippies" not far from us.... maybe in their late teens early twenties.... i say... under thirty!!!! she says... "hmmmmmmmmmmm". but not in a good way. just a sarcastic , oh great kinda way. LOL. so we sorta went back and forth with that for a while... but really... the majority of the audience really was over thirty!... or under ten! poor kid.
then later... she's like "what's "that smell"????? hmmmm.... well, uhhhh. "POT." yep. she got her first close encounter with pot smokers.... in a crowd of people that are supposed to be the ones that tell her NOT to do such things!!!! she also, mentioned the fact that the overpowering smell of alcohol was going to make her puke! and she was right. we were a large area... and it really did smell bad of beer. (when someone doesn't drink, that smell is twice as strong...kinda like a non-smoker with a's just nauseating sometimes).
so... movin on... j lee showed up ... and oddly enough, ended up sitting about ten feet from us! i wasn't sure that it was her...cuz it was dark, and i had only seen her in person one time that day... but, i saw the light on her phone, and soon i got a text message. i called her back... but i think either she couldn't hear when she got it, or she missed it, cuz she didn't i threw a empty water bottle at her! not hard!!! she looked over, and saw me. it was funny, that she unknowingly sat right there, with her peeps. so me and the kid moved over and sat with them for the rest of the time we were there. it was kinda loud, and hard to really talk much, but good to have some adult conversation of sorts...since my child was being a grouch. she was soooo ready to leave. but really.. she did good. she allowed me to enjoy myself...most of the time.

anyhow. it was a good time. and oldy mentioned that i probably wouldn't like ANY concert. because of my physical stuff...anxiety/headaches... bitchiness etc! but, she was only half right. i did like it. and in November, i took hubby to see Pat Green in concert. we both have loved him for years. he does country, and i thought it would be a mellow, older crowd, and would be cool etc. well, man. that concert was sooooo loud, i could barely stand it! i had to go outside several times to smoke, because i had such a bad migraine. he put on a great show, and we liked it. but it was just too loud. it was as loud or louder than most of the screamin emo concerts i've gone to with my girl. but the stevie concert last night, it was really just nice. kinda hippie-fied. layin back on the grass under the night sky.... watching a bunch of "old people" actin all funky. it was funny. it was fun. i'm glad we went. i'm glad we were able to go. i coulda done without the night blindness, and long way home etc... but all in all.... great time!!!!

now... it's back to reality.... it's grocery day. ugh. i do not wanna...but we are once again down to nuthin! i hate it when that happens!

oh that just reminded me..... check out this pic... i need to find this person.... to do my cleaning and shopping for me... if you know where i can find this person.... let me know... i will pay well! LOL

have a good day y'all!!!
mo latah, perhaps.

i caught you a delicious bass

i have no idea why all these Napoleon Dynamite phrases keep coming to me lately. but i just felt like writing that one.

the child and i arrived home a while ago from the concert. maybe a half hour or so. ya, about 12 ish. it was so cool. it was Chris Isaak opening for Stevie Nicks. something must have gone wrong to delay stevies' show, because chris I played for well over two freakin hours...but he wasn't bad. i actually enjoyed most of it. and i am not really familiar with his music. but i liked it. of course my daughter despised it...all of it...him and stevie. she did really well for a long time...but i could tell she was miserable...and she of course did complain. but i could tell, she was really trying not to. i appreciated that.

i also appreciated the tickets! i met "Jlee" today , and she gave me the tickets. we talked for a little while. she is sooo nice. (and i'm not just saying that cuz she'll read it. she really is).

so then, i did manage to find my way TO Dallas..the first time without getting lost...which was a miracle. BUT, the bad thing was...i was too early, so i drove around...downtown dallas...hell ya, i got lost!... but i found where i was going...and then i found my way home without a problem. but that was the first pick up the tix. THEN came the REAL test. well... on the way the concert , it wasn't bad. i had directions, and it was almost right where i had already gone earlier, just a little bit further. so we got there ok. BUT....when we left.... i realized... I CAN"T SEE AT NIGHT! OMG! first, i couldn't find the car in the parking lot.... the kid said press the button on the i pressed the panic button!... she called me retarded. she meant the one to make the lights go on... not the one that would make everyone look at us!!!! but worked, and i wouldn't have thought of it. i'd probably still be out there looking for the damn car. ok... so, we obviously, found he car... btw....we left a bit before the show was over cuz hubby called and said we were gonna hit a bad storm on the way, i didn't want to end up road ragin with someone. you know me and traffic jams don't mix well. so we get rollin on down the road. and it's pretty smooth sailin...for a while...until...dum dum dum.... i realize something... i cannot see shit!!! my head hurt...not real bad, just achey, but irritating, and i couldn't freakin see. my eyes hurt and they were all blurry. and it was dark, and started sprinkling a little, and my windshield wipers suck, so that only made it worse....which in turn...YEP you guessed it...caused me to miss my turn on the highway...and i got lost. well...not technically lost lost. i just had to take the long way home. and it sucked. because it had been so long since i went that way. and i couldn't see five feet in front of me. it just sucked.
then the rain got worse...not terrible, just enough to blind me even more, due to my shitty wipers!!! and then the lightening started. it was not fun. oh but the girl enjoyed it...she SLEPT almost all the way home. oh to be young again.
so anyhow....we finally got home. i swear we ended up going thirty miles out of the way because of my night blindness. terrific. note to self...get your damn glasses!
soooo. we got home. still not a lot of rain...we got lucky. but soon as we let the dogs out and back in...the sky opened up! it's comin down pretty good still. i shouldn't even be on here, cuz of the lightening. (funny...soon as i hit that period...a big ole crash of thunder ...with of course a big flash of lightning hit...scary. i better get offa heah, and finish up tomorrow.
until then...
thanks again jlee!!! it was great to meet you, and so nice for the tickets. and really the kid enjoyed the show more than she wants to admit! she can't not smile when she says how "bad" it was. she had a good time. we don't really do a whole lot a lone together. so thanks!
ok, i gotta get off here before i get zapped.
latah peeples