Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday post 1201... You Won't Believe Yor Eyes !

hi y'all.. well, actually, i'm not sure who i'm talkin to right now, because it seems that everyone in all of blogland is out partyin again... well, except me and josie. but that's alright. it used to be thursdays that i complained were my slow days for peeps to stop by, now i notice that it has become friday nights. hmmm. guess i'll have to find something else to do to entertain myself while y'all do whatever it is you do.

so, anyhow... i'm tired, and i am sorry for being slow gettin to the point here... but anyhow, hubby and i got a wild hair this evening and decided to go fishing. i am quite positive that that does not surprise you n the least, but the thing was that we were both already so thoroughly exhausted and crabby that i'm surprised we could even sit upright, much less go fishing. but we did anyways. mind over matter i guess. he even died my .. our.. daughters hair before we went...after working and standing on his feet all day long. geesh. and i was exhausted from all the crap i did, runnin all over town, and enduring the mall hell. which i still haven't even really explained all of. i will get to it tho. maybe tomorrow. so anyways. yep. we both had busy, bitchy, tiring days.. weeks if ya wanna get technical. but we caved. it's been a few days since we fished, so we just had to. had to. so, off we went.

by the time we got there we only had like fifteen minutes of daylight left... and were immediately attacked by mobs of mosquitoes. and we both forgot to wear hats... which oftentimes keeps bugs out of your eyes... but not tonight..cuz we didn't have hats. it was really not a very fun fishing trip. we didn't take the boat, we just went to the pond. i have been having great luck over there lately.. well til the lawnmower man incident... and haven't been back since. so now here we were there at night, and couldn't see shit. (have i mentioned i despise bass fishing in the dark? well i do ) so anyhow, we did the best we could. hubby actually would have done pretty good, but the vision problem probably had a lot to do with why he missed so many fish. at least four ? it's just so hard whenya cant see the line or rod tip. then i missed one, felt like a good one.. but i just could not see anything. by the time it "felt" like i had him , and i went to set the hook... the damn line came flyin outta the pond. no fish this time tho. darn it. but.... here comes the kicker...
ther i was... trying to be patient, trying not be angry at the bugs, and the dark, and the lack of confidence in my night fishing abilities... i'm reeling in my line... i have a favorite bait of mine on , one that i have much luck with around here... i slow down, take my time, try to convince myself, it's all in the confidence level... etc etc... self talk, and hubbys advice fill my head, as i reel my line in. then all of the sudden, i feel a small tap on my line. i think hmmm. bas? perch?? snag??? wth/? i didn't feel it again, so i reel again. it feels a little heavier, but it isn't really fighting, not feeling like a fish. i think, hmmm, do i have a big clump of moss on here? what is on there? cuz of course.. it's dark, and yep. i can't freakin see!... so i quit tryin to stay slow and just brought the damn thing in... do you know what was on my line? do you have any clue what insane creature decided to attempt to eat a five inch worm??/ well, here.. let me help you... i will tell ya this much.. it was yet another first for me.. maybe even a last. i've never even heard of such a thing happening... take a look at this photo...

that is a five inch rubber worm, texas rigged, with a glass bead.
and what is it that was hungry enough to choose it for dinner? a freakin muscle. or clam. or oyster, or whatever different people call them things. but i have never in my life seen such a thing bite on a rubber worm, much less caught one. i must say it was quite an experience tho. maybe even a fish story of sorts. "i caught one this big!" . hubby had to pry his mouth open to get to hook out! geesh

oh well. i feel about like like a shell fish right about now. or a sloth. or a snail, or some other slow moving never wanting to move something.

CHECK OUT THESE PIX (post # 1200 for friday)

this truck is sooo freakin awesome ! it is a one of a kind original. the plate reads bass on! (which has been trademarked btw) and the truck has been named "Sir Bass A Lot"
it is just the coolest shit EVER! i wish i had one, i wish i would have thought of tHIS. how cool is this??? i know, y'all don't care. but i do.
ok.. next...

below, are the polarized sunglasses i got today.. a gift from my wonderful hubby....
they are called SOLAR BAT
therefore.... i really am BATMAN !!!!

(mine are mossback btw)