Sunday, May 18, 2008

i'm video impaired -

mornin folks!

i finally got a video put together last night-- but seein as it has been almost a year since i made one like this-- i failed miserably. for some reason.. i cannot - for the life of me, remember how to time the music to the photos-- therefore--the last part of the song is gone. i had to clip/fade it.

i wanted to go to bed at like 8 last night-- i was so tiiiiired. but soulman got suckered into takin soulkid (s) to a concert-- poor him.. and me-- cuz when they do stuff like that-- i can never go to sleep until they are home. i was fallin asleep in my chair -- tryin to stay up. i didn't think i'd make it-- but i did. they got back about 1130-is. sooo-- another midnight night for this ole lady. ugh. it only gets worse with a teenager doesn't it? don't answer that. :))

so anyhow-- here's somethin to either entertain you -- OR -- bore the crap out of you---
either way-- i kinda like it-- i just wish i could remember how to do it the right way with the music and timing-- anybody know? damn senile !

well.. i am considering wakin up the ole soulman in a while-- after the morning aches and pains loosen up-- to go fishin-- at the pond-- i am realizing the boat seems to make for more work than it's worth sometimes-- even though i do love to be on the water. the pond seems to be less painful and more relaxing-- and for some reason-- i catch more fish there.

soooo-- here ya go-- on to a peek into soulsville-- (and "smochaville)--a first for some of you. and more recent pics for those who have watched the other ones.

(ore vois )


and happy sunday !

jupiter (only cuz i can't think right now- it's subject to change) from brezz on Vimeo.