Friday, February 8, 2008

here is your fish dammit :))

ok.. i'm not AS assy as i was earlier--- but i still have to wash my dishes..
BUT--- have a LOOK at THAT fish !!!
aaaand how bout that SUNSHINE???
ignore the face though-- please. i have definitely had better days.. i think i may be having another steroid attack!! i knew i was feelin fat!
but-- speakin of fat-- look at that FISH... he's a giant! woo hoo!

ok .. i gotta go do my work. my child will be home shortly and i just hate to clean when people are here.

warning: assy woman ahead ---

I am having a helluva time trying to do anything on my computer this morning. I don’t know why, but the damn thing just doesn’t want to move at all. It keeps timing out, locking up, and pissin me off! It got me around a little bit, earlier, then pretty much quit. Well, as far as the internet goes at least.

So, I suppose I will just see if I can come up with anything postworthy here— (on word) and move it over later on.

What sucks about this situation—aside from the fact that my entire morning routine has been screwed. Because I normally smoke – n- choke online for a couple hours every morning. Ugh.

Today is also, payday—and that also means a day, that I absolutely need the internet to be working; So I can check my banks, move money around, pay bills, etc etc etc. you know , all that fun stuff.

But nooooo. I am me. Remembah.

Aha!... it decided to work … so I did get to smoke and choke for a bit—just not as long as I usually do. But that’s ok. of course not without getting bumped offline a couple times-- which infuriates me. but oh well.

So , anyhow I am assuming that I will be able to do my bills and crap online afterall. Good. I hate when I have to go out to do all that runnin around and crap. Which I will have to do anyhow—just not as much.

So, anyways…. Today is supposed to be 67 degrees. They have been saying so all week long. And I have been waiting for this day and this temperature, all friggin week. So it better happen.. or the weather mans’ ass is MINE. and not in a good way.

Yesterdays temp wasn’t terrible, but the wind was. The wind has sucked all week long. I know—I know—many of you are freezing to death in snow up to your neck… but I live in Texas for a reason… and it is so I do not have to live – or die that way. I want to FISH!
I want to go outside without a jacket… I want to wash my car, which is now covered in a film of road splatter, bugs, and dirt from my Arkansas trip. It looks like hell. But, really, do any of you think I was gonna go to the car wash in 50 degrees with wind at 20-30 mph? nope I didn’t think so. So I haven’t.

But anyhow—today is sposed to be warm.. but windy—but if the wind isn’t like it has been lately—I shall be a fishin fool. Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha . (sorry, lost control for a sec)

Anyhow, guess I shall go do my stuff, so if the day does turn out like they say—I will be able to enjoy at least some of it.

What a bunch of CRAP ! I wonder if it is just MY computer connection that is soooo screwed up???? WTF? It just took TWO HOURS to check ONE bank. I even deleted pix and files thinking maybe I was bogged down with my own crap. Did it help? Hell no.

I coulda just waited , and gone to the bank to do that stuff…woulda been a lot less stressful. And faster too. but i am stubborn.. as you all have surely figured out by now.

Of course some of the stress was the headache I got from sushi sitting right on the back of my chair—barking her high pitched dumb ass bark--- at every single little sound--- like the 150 kids car doors closing as they get dropped off in front of my house. (to walk across the street to school)

And also—my own child—draggin her ass and being late this morning—but not only her—but the TWO friends that came over this morning to walk with her. She made them late as well—even though I told them to GO. all of them, more than once.

Ever feel like no one gives a damn what you say? Hmmm.. ya well.. I thought ya might. Just checkin.

I am not liking the start of this day so far… so all I can say is yep—the weather better be nice, sunny, and fishable—with no wind… and I better have time to fish after all my damn dishes and runnin around.

This whole house is goin to hell here. It’s like no one gives a crap anymore—not them—or me. my kitchen looks like like death ran through. ugh.

I have a damn migraine. Just thinking about this crap pisses me off.

Wanna know what else pisses me off??? 400.00 electric bills. That’s what. I just got my 2nd one for this house. There oughtta be a law that makes the landlord pay for crap like that. at least partially. Obviously something is very wrong with the heater. Hubby did talk to the landlady about it a few weeks ago after the first outrageous bill.. of almost 375.00--- she did have some guy come out—but obviously—he didn’t fix the problem. this one? 391.72!!!! that's just wrong. i bet that's why they moved. ERG!

i'd friggin move too-- but oh hell no-- i'm not even unpacked from this move! holy hell. :))

Well. Grouchy much????

Guess I will see if this will post, and then I will get this day movin.

That , or I will don my fabulous 20.00 over the counter reading glasses that I finally broke down and bought—along with a book—that, believe it or not—I just started to read last night and am absolutely amazed that I can SEE! i only made it to like page six :)) before i fell asleep-- but i can SEE!

Just think what might happen if I had REAL glasses… I might be able to drive. oh hell, i might even be able to drive in the dark! Hmmmm. someone come light a fire under soulmans' ass! he's only told me for what, a YEAR that he would get me an appointment!

Anyhow—I hope you all have happy days in your worlds today---

I’ll let ya know how it goes here.

Perhaps I will see a fishin fairy today??? That would do a lot for the attitude , dontcha think?