Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One question wednesday

I'm in! Blogger was weird yesterday, i couln't get in while trying to log in, of course i thought it was my senile. Luckily after i found my password this morning, it wasn't me this time! Ha! So here i am. I'm supposed to answer a question, asked by on, or anyone, on wednesday. The only question i have is one that i got a week, or twoago... And now i don't know where to find it.. That one is on me. I am senile :(( Gotta get that figured out real quick... K, i got it ... Thank god for text messaging :)) Who taught you how to cook, ..... I more or less taught myself to cook. There were three kids, me brother, my sis, and me, in that birth order.. Our mom was gone a lot and we were alone to fendvfor ourselves from a young age. It seems there was food in the house much of the time, but it was minimal, and not easy for kids to just grab and eat. We had to get creative .. Or starve. So it really was 'do or die' i was the youngest they were teenagers, schedules were different. We did what we could for or with each other. I just remember cooking a lot more often. I also remember corn flakes with water yum! What's the most wonderful creation you do well, These days, over the passed three years or so i barely cook at all anymore.. Unless hubby or daughter is sick. They have become the master chefs around here as my pain level worsens. But before that... I loved cooking. It lived in me, i have never used a cook book in my life! The only recipe i ever need is for baking, the dessert gene skipped me. For the most part, i simply do not bake. I think my family fave has to be, My chili- verde . That is what is requested the most, even when someone visits. Hubby n daughter think myntacos are the best too. No idea why or how they are different, but they love em. As "the cook" i can't pick the best" i just know that everyone likes whatever i cook. I,m not bragging.. Especially since i don't even cook really. But i do eat what i cook too, and it really is good food. What was your worst cooking disaster, Hmmmmm.... MY KITCHEN !!! BAH ! This would have to be the time i forgot about my boiling macaroni - for mac- n - cheese, and i was packing to move. I forgot about it. By the timebi remembered... ALL the water had boiled away andvthe macarini was standing on end! Yup.. Like little soldiers with black boots! :)) Ok.. I gotta roll on .. Kid has dantal follow uo, and must renew her drivers licence that expiredbon her birthday.. Oops 3/9, bad mom... No, busy mom. If i wasbrich they would say i had ' exhaustion' but i'm only over- tired i guess. At least until i collapse. That was comin yesterday i think, but i had to tell my patients.. What arebyall gonna do when somethin happens to ME? I need to rest too. Really, i was , well, exhausted. Time to get back to it.. Happy humpday