Sunday, November 16, 2008

this is continued from the below post-- cuz i put that one up today too

hi peoples--

if you're wonderin why i would have a sunday post, marked as a saturday post-- it's cuz i fell asleep last night tryin to write it--and just finished it a few minutes ago.. that's why. just thought i'd straighten that up here-- cuz i don't think i mentioned it til late in the other one.

so anyways, i hope it wasn't too hellish gettin through that one. i'll tell ya-- it was hellish to write it. my brain just isn't workin right lately. and maaan i'm tired this last couple days too.

in fact, i think i will be takin a nap " right quick". haha do any of y'all say that? right quick?
i don't really say it. not out loud. i've known people who do. i'm not sayin there's anything wrong with it. i like a good ole southern folk accent. like goin fishin down at the crick. or goin to the store , right quick. or how bout... i'm so plum give out i'm takin me a nap right quick!

that would be the one. :))

i just wanted to jump in here and let y'alll know that both these posts are todays--- saturday and sunday--
and to let you know that "yesterdays" was just a little late late last night--- and i was just real tired.

i didn't mean to ramble so long, and i hope i didn't bore anybody to death. cuz i'd sure miss ya :))

i'll check around later on... soulman took soulkid to mallhell :))
perfect time for a nap-- this is quiet time i just cannot waste---

hope y'all are havin happy weekends!