Saturday, July 21, 2007


ya know... i been thinkin...
now, does anything good ever actually come from THAT sentence? written, OR spoken?
just thought i'd ask.

i hate conflict...and i hate doubt...i hate bullshit...and i hate lack of trust. right? oh, and i hate "rejection". it doesn't have to be direct rejection. it just has to be rejection "perceived by ME" ... because I am ME, afterall. right?

so anyhow.. i have been "ill" for what literally feels like weeks... though, it has really been like four days. i don't feel "so" bad this morning. aside from my throat. and i FINALLY got some freakin meds for that. (and the belly etc). but ya know what? i had to go through hell yesterday to get that. HOURS upon HOURS of HELL.

so, back to the "thinkin" thing. maybe my head is just not in the right place right now. lack of food, lack of meds, being literally bedridden and fatigued, in pain, watching the house fall apart around me, feeling guilty because my daughter has been cooped up for a week. perhaps.

then there's the other stuff.. the bills that aren't getting paid, the extra money on meds and doctors going out, did i mention being stuck in friggin bed feeling worse by the day, rather than better? this is not how i want to live.

my brother in law is coming to visit in like one week. (hubbys bro) . my entire house looks like fuckin hell has been turned loose here. i did get a bed for him, like three days or so before i had the GI scope, etc done... yet it remains gathering dust in the garage. "the guest room" still sits begging; waiting to be cleared out and decorated into a bedroom vs. a storage room. the kitchen? don't even ask. i won't even mention the entire rest of the place that is in dire need of attention. so what does all this mean? i am forced to immediately transfer myself, from death bed, to "robo -maid" overnight??? UGH.

this and more really does nuthing good for my frame of mind. and this shit is MY world.

what about BLOG world? can anyone say "mind fuck"? that's what this whole blog thing is becoming for me this past few days. is it my frame of mind? i hope it is. cuz i feel a major NEED to "Step AWAY from the computer" for a while. the petty arguments...the i can be worse off than you, funnier than you, better than you, ... what the hell? (by "you", i don't necessarily mean's a general statement). you means all of us.

why did i open myself up to faceless people in the first place? i got myself in the middle of places i should have never gotten in front of! or perhaps behind even. and now here i am... all pissed off and confused about people and shit that just plays games with my mind...and it's the same shit that always has. the same shit i said i would never get into again. but here i am, doing the same dumb shit AGAIN.

i hope that i can manage to get my meds going again today, and get some food...solid , nutritional real go down, today.... and STAY there. i hope i can manage to stand on my feet, and sit upright in a chair, and get some cleaning etc accomplished here...without barfing, or fainting.

and i can only hope that it will make a difference.

if not... i just may shut this fucker down, and write my book.