Tuesday, May 27, 2008

back to the ole grind--

howdy folks--
happy tuesday to ya--
which is sort of a monday for most.

i don't have a whole lot to say right now-- or a whole lot of time to say it anyhow.

i got to a few pages this mornin, and did get a chance to reply to comments here... but that's about as far as i'm gonna get for now. so-- my last two posts-- are fully updated ! woo hoo-- so if you commented here on either of them.. i talked to y'all in my boxes. see? i'm tryin to get back on track. let's see if i don't derail again.

so anyhow-- i have a lot to do today-- but when i'm done--prolly late this afternoon, i shall get back to my cruisin etc. -- and talk in YOUR boxes- :)) -- and hopefully mine too

but, before i get to my business of the day-- let's see what i have to say here real quick.

well, really not much-- that or i just can't think right now, for the ever growing mental list in my head at the moment.

soulkid had quite the emotional day yesterday, which in turn made it real hard for me to process much in my own. i can't-- or won't blog it. it really isn't my stuff to put here for all to see ya know. it is her stuff-- or at least that of her "world".. if that makes sense. but it was hard for all of us. especially her. and for us as parents.... ?? --- it is something that happens-- that can paralyze a parent-- and make you only thank God that it wasn't any worse-- for anyone involved.

i'm sorry that is so cryptic.. i won't go any further with it-- because it will only confuse you.
hell i'm confused. i don't know everything that happened.. but i know enough to be upset, worried, and grateful. for more than just my own kid.

ok .. i better move away from that topic....


i broke down last night, and cleaned out all the rod lockers and storage boxes on the boat .. i couldn't stand the thought of one more tournament like the last. i couldn't believe the amount of trash , extra life jackets, and just misc STUFF that just was NOT needed on that boat. i mean a - i don't know maybe a fifty ft extension cord? WTH? talk about bein in the way! there was like twenty , two year old full water bottles..not to mention as many empty ones... it was just awful. but it is very nice now-- and everything will be easy to get to now. anything not required on that thing-- is gone now! a trip to the carwash-- and a nice new carpet-- would be terrific.. but i know the carpet will have to wait-- the carwash can happen tho-- :))

i hope that soulman learned from the last tourney also-- NOT to put his ginormous tackle bag in the pathway during a night tourney-- at least without letting me know it's there... good lord -- i coulda broke a leg on that thing! that hurt ! lol.. i'm sure it woulda been funny if he actually saw it tho-- :)) but all he knew was he heard a big crash.. and a LOT of cussing ! :))

i don't think we will be fishin the next one.. he has to work on saturday-- and we usually dont get home til 1130 or 12 on those nights-- but i'lll let ya know if he feels energetic.
you know-- we have fished three tourneys together now-- and 2 out of three we won money. that's pretty good odds. what a team eh? makes it hard to pass up. plus it's fun!

welp-- i spose i should go-- soulkid is up-- and she is quite the crabapple. i am trying to be nuthing but supportive to her through "this".. and she wants to be all grouchy to ME about it.....

i guess we all get that way sometimes when bad things happen in our worlds and we dont want to talk about it-- but geesh. it just makes me wanna be somewhere else when i get talked to in one word blunt responses.

how bout you?

maybe i'll go fishin before i start my day :))
sure was fun yesterday!!

i'm so irrisponsible...
i swear it's an addiction!!!!