Monday, April 23, 2007

Boring Much???

where do i begin? i have no idea. perhaps with my weekend entertainment. of sorts.
not in exact order of occurance...just the order in which things come to mind.
i watched a dvd.. EXCELLENT movie. if i wasn't so overly medicated i bet i would have shed a tear or two. it was called "the Freedom Writers".... man it was good. and inspiring. and it's a true story. i really liked it

but.... last night... i watched the dvd... black x-mas. OMG. do NOT waste your time, money , or effort on this FLOP of a "movie". it's a poorly acted, extremely predictable, and gore for the sake of gore movie... it isn't worth a second of anyones time. and i wonder of the many things i could have done instead of "waiting for something to happen"...which btw.. never did. well, nothing i didn't already know was coming. BAD movie. in every way.

i also watched the UFC-70 fight on spike tv. me and hubby both are ate up with UFC. i haven't mentioned that yet. but yep.. i actually like to watch it.
so anyhow... it was free !!! not on pay per view . so of course we watched. and man it was good. every fight was most excellent...except one. quite disappointing...even the announcers mentioned how crappy it was.
oh well. the rest was quite good. and i would have really missed out if we hadn't been able to see it. it was better than many we have paid for!

ok... next... the sopranos. it of course was good...always is. but honestly...i really think it was a bad time to show that particular episode. mainly because of a certain character who emerged. really BAD timing. anyone who saw it, knows what i'm talkin about. so i won't go further.

and last but not least of my "high" points of my weekend... wally-hell....
and boy was it HELL. thank God hubby came a long to help me. we were out of totally EVERYTHING. if he wasn't with me i bet i woulda just broke down and cried ! by the time were finished the cart weighed at least a hundred pounds...and there is no way i could have pushed that damn thing around the store, in my physical condition. i wish they would come out with little motors on grocery carts...for people who aren't quite ready to reduce themselves to a hover-round, but still have problems "pushing" heavy carts. literally, there have been times that i was shopping alone, and have parked a half full cart and LEFT without buying a thing..because i just couldn't physically handle it. which in turn made me all anxious and angry. so anyhow...or final tally???? 240.00 !!! can you believe that? that is almost double what i normally spend. and once again, i wasn't quite prepared for such a grocery/household product bill... but hubby and I both were very grateful for his job when it came time to pay. ugh. wally hell. my favorite place. NOT

OH man... i immediately got a migraine writing that last bit. how weird. i'm under way too much stress. i wish i could go to the bahamas or something. no tv, no computer, no bills, just a real get the hell away thing.

anyhow.... what did y'all do?
above is pretty much all i can remember. LOL. my senile.