Thursday, May 24, 2012

slower than my computer.....

yes i am.  man i just cannot seem to get UP today.  guess i am finally runnin out of gas.  or perhaps have run out of gas.  many of y'all know i have quit smokin recently.  can you believe it?  i can't either!  if you haven't heard yet? it's true.  today is day TEN !  ugh.  i have tried - off and on , diligently, and not so much.. the only thing that ever worked for any length of time for me was pregnancy :)) - and even then, once it was over?  so was the not smoking. 
other than pregnancy?  chantix 'almost' worked. once. til it made me insane.  literally.  drove me straight to a mental ward, in the first two weeks.  i couldn't even speak clearly .  i still don't remember much of what happened while i was in the hospital.  other than a seizure - and a couple bits of conversation.  none of which was anything good.
so.  you wonder what's different this time?
this ---

it's an electronic cigarette .  not the kind ya find at convenience stores though.  i've used those little ones.  they were fine for getting through a movie or dinner.  but the one you see here?  it is a gift from God!  i couldn't make it through a movie at the theater before ,without having a cig.  now i'm ten days without one at all.  and it happened within 24 hours of using this thing.  did i mention ... mothers day -- i smoked THREE packs of cigs -- which was my norm... the next day , i bought my electronic ciggie -- and haven't had a smoke since.  3 packs a day -- to zero. just like that.

and .. the next best part?  my sis, and her bestie -- who have also been trying to quit smoking for many years -- are having me get them one too !!!!  cross your fingers y'all!
mine has already paid for itself in the cigs i haven't bought --   2 cartons of cigs is about what it takes to pay for one.  just think of all the fishin stuff i can buy with alllll the money i don't spend on cigs!!!!!

annnddd i have --- look !

i've been havin a blast !

i have tons more energy, and feel sooooo much better!  i must say tho - it's all catchin up with me, and i'm gettin tired, but i still don't feel as run down as i did two weeks ago.  and guess what else?  my house and even closet smells better !   i didn't even realize how horrible my house and even car smelled until a day or two after i stopped smoking.  and my closet?  no idea that my closet -- which i share with soulman, smelled like ashes.  poor guy.   no more.

it's not craving free tho -- i can tell ya that... but i will also say -- this is the easiest method i have ever tried to -- and i have every bit of faith in it -- well God can't be left out -- i am NOT gonna smoke anymore.  i also thank y'all for backin me up!  your encouragement means tons!!!  

welp-- i could write all day - but soulkid just invited me to lunch -- she's a workin girl again  :))
of course - i bet she'll talk me into payin'  -- just watch -- :))

anyhow --- talk to me guys -- what's goin on in your worlds ???   i been outta touch -- again...  :((

happy thursday!!!