Saturday, October 31, 2009

photo challenge failure :((

my apologies folks. surely you didn't think i'd actually have any pix today; after such a week? well, i'm sorry, but really, i don't. i was looking forward to doin this one with the Halloween theme too. i just wasn't out and about much , or when i was, well, let's just say, i wasn't in the photo snapping mood. i know. i'm a fuddy duddy. maybe next time.
NO wait - i take that back. next time - for sure. i do enjoy the photo challenge, it's usually my bad memory, and i'm sometimes a little slow gettin the pix up. this time it was just me and my bad attitude.
the worst part, is i don't even have any in my reserve stash :((
so anyhow -- i bet there are some real good ones out there, i'll be cruisin around to check those out in a while-.

ok back to your regularly scheduled souling :))

so folks, i hope y'all are doin well today. saturday. ahhhhhh. i don't know about y'all, but i was hopin to sleep in a little this mornin. did it happen? well, only if 5 a.m. is sleepin in... and to me, it aint. especially when last night, i'm finally asleep-- it's like midnight-- or a little after-- and what do i hear? the friggin jet tub in the master bathroom. lovely. 'soulman', since when do you take baths at midnight??? ugh.
nevermind, but that little fiasco cost me an hour sleep. then he gets in bed, and tells me his alarm is set to go fishin-- on the lake -- do i wanna go?
umm... hello? i've been stuck on my ass, for the better part of two days -- and it'll be like 35 degrees in the morning.. no, i won't be goin fishin. thank you.
he wouldn't even tell me what time he set it for after i told him-- in my devil voice "gawd, i may as well just get up right now". ugh. i told ya... i'm gettin just mean lately.
you can say it too-- 'soul, you're a downright bitch'.
so anyhow-- i did go back to sleep-- that time. til 5. then i wake up all freezin, with the blanket all on his side-- and all kindsa noise out here goin on. of course i covered up and tried to go back to sleep-- but i just had to get up. whenever he goes out on the boat alone -- well, i just don't like it. so i got up to see him off, make sure he had everything-- remind him to wear his life jacket -- all that 'wifey advice' ya know.
he asked again if i wanted to go. there i was , standing in front of the fireplace, shivering, --- 'ummmm, no thanks.. you just be careful, ok?.
then he was off with a kiss and a cuppa coffee.
and there i was , with my dog (eevee) and a cig, tryin to get warm. only wishing that i was goin. a year ago? you bet i'da been in that truck in a heartbeat!

it really sucks feeling left out of your own life. i know several of you feel this way, and know what i mean. it's just really gettin to me lately though ya know? it makes me angry. this entire thing over the last -- however long -- literally makes me think of the five stages of grief. and i have reached the stage of anger. off the top of my head i don't remember them all - or the order of them.. i do know there is denial, and anger, and acceptance , in the mix-- i am surely a long way away from acceptance. ugh.
(ya gotta watch this)

so. today is Halloween. i hope any of y'all with kids or grandkids that will be out and about-- don't worry too much. and that the young'ns stay safe, out of trouble, and come home just the way they left.
mine's gettin older -- and you just know i worry myself sick wonder how much trouble she's gonna find herself in... or allow to find her.
i'm just gonna say my prayers, send her off with a hug and a kiss... and HOPE she makes good decisions, and calls me when she gets where she's stayin tonight. ugh. i hate worryin about her-- but i spose it keeps my ticker tickin :)) for now.

as for us old folks? i don't think we've planned anything.. so it's prolly sittin home for us. no big deal tho. i'm really gettin used to that. again. just as i was beginning to grow some semblance of a life. grrrrrrr.

i reckon that's all i got for now.
oh-- besides the fact that anyone who likes "Train" needs to buy their new CD -- even if you don't like em... you will. go get it :))

happyy halloweeeeeen
ha ha ha ha ha
(i used to have a toy pumpkin that 'said' that. he was a bit creepy .)

be safe folks-