Wednesday, January 2, 2008

i really need a nap

i could take one.. well, no i can't. because, i am waiting for the cable guy--and a phone call.
we still have dish.. and hubby wants to keep it---- but he wants to go back to cable for the internet. because our connection is really really slooooow. and it pisses us off. and he plays x-box live a lot, and apparently if he lags on there he gets killed--and so do other people he is playing ya, that i guess is not fun for him. so, no nap for me.

and would you like to know something else? i just realized... well, that is not the right word. i was just reminded. ? that doesn't sound right either. hmmm. it has just been confirmed. hmm. could that be it? i'll go with that. anyhow. y'all know the surgery jamie just had.... right? well.. y'all also know all the pain she puts up with too right? aaaand you also know that i am a cry baby about the pain i have-- that can no where compare to hers.. altho.. i do not like it anyhow. but guess what. i just ended up on someone elses page who also just had the same surgery jamie just had but like a week or so ago.... and since she doesn't like the effects of the pain meds... she takes tylenol. for that kinda pain. tylenol is like water to me. oh man. i felt like such a cry baby when i read that. holy crap.
i'm not sayin i'm some kinda drug addict or somethin. i don't even have any real pain pills anyhow. but if i did, i'd damn sure be takin em. ya know? but what i'm tryin to say, is if i had pain like they have , there is no way in this world that i would not be taking like some massive amounts of pain meds. and neither one of them are taking hardly anything.
it's one thing to not take meds because you don't have any. it's another to not not take em, when you have em, and just don't want em. don't you think?
i don't know. maybe i'm just weird. i don't know.

anyhow. enough of that.

i have been bustin my ass all day. just in case anyone cares. i finally got my back room cleaned up. my guest room actually. it ended up being the catch all room when we moved in. it had shit everywhere. and then my kid ended up pouring bags and boxes out all over the place. it was hell in here. so i got it all cleaned up, and it is now the guest room slash office slash litter box room. looks pretty good. just needs a decor now. oh i almost forgot... i got my arm trapped under the mirror trying to put it on the dresser....good thing soulkid was here--she was asleep though--i hollered for her for about ten minutes before she finally rescued me. i'll have to put a pic up later so you will see what i mean how my arm was stuck. but she came in.. "what?--oh crap!" then she picked it up and went back to bed. it was kinda funny, but i really dont know if i coulda got out by myself. i may have been there for hours if i was here alone. LOl.
ok anyhow. i better get goin the cable guy is on his way . so i don't want to be in the middle of a sentence and have to shut down.
so i shall be around later on.
have good days.