Monday, February 27, 2012

insomnia - it's a bitch -

yep, no matter how much xanax, food, self loathing, boring tv, -- nuthin is helping me sleep lately.
it's no fun.  none at all.  it's always the same- lay down near 9 pm. or soon after - down some meds, maybe have a snack, play words with friends, turn on lame late night tv... yet still, no sleep.  just my head spins in into buttah. and i remain sleepless.

yeh, that's a laugh, much easier said than done.
but, i do love it - and really am way past overdue in gettin  it hung on my wall.  soon. very soon.
among other things that i manage to put off until a million other unyielding tasks.  that either never get started/ finished/ or put off until a million tomorrows.

BUT i do maintain my priorities - until i til i forget the order in which they are to be accomplished.
number one - tomorrow - bright and early - soulkid has an early appointment for all 4 wisdom teeth to be be pulled.  fun fun.  i can't put this off one more day. as her 18th birthday is on 3/9.  which is also the day that her health insurance will be torn away from us.  oh the joy of it all.
i am only hoping that her teeth and mouth will be all healed up in time to sing, for the x-factor thing on march 22. nothing can stop her !

ok guys -- i'm finally feeling the tired - better jump on that on -- before it pulls out of the station...
damn i'm tiahd folks.
hoping y'all sleep like some babies todays.
i hope to talk to yall tomorrow -
soul out - for now
g'nite all
hugs yall-