Friday, August 1, 2008

howdy peeps--- happy friday to ya---

we are still in san antonio-- today is day four-- well technically at least. it's really day three-- but tonight will be night 4. or somethin like that. i soo lose track of time. i can't keep it straight at home-- i sure can't keep it straight here. i swear we are on the run from 9 a.m til 9 p.m. we get back to the room around 9 at night each night-- if we're lucky, and by then we're ready to just crash. of course it takes an hour or two to get wound down enough to actually fall asleep. but the days have been very very exhausting. and sooo not what any of us are used to. we are what normal people would call... well, lazy i guess. :)) ... and there is just no bein lazy here. not if we wanna get our moneys worth out of this vacay thing.

so-- to recap-- our first night- we did the riverwalk and dinner-- walked about two blocks or so from the hotel over there, and quite a bit on the riverwalk, found a place to eat-- nothin to brag about. it was extremely small.. packed, loud, and SLOW. but-- the food was decent-- but also sort of expensive- for what it was.

that's about as far as the first night went-
pix a couple posts below.

day two-- was sea world- lotsa walkin, i near brok my neck on a roller coaster-- owwwwwie.. never gonna do that again. maybe with a cervical collar-- but i tell ya-- that shit was pure hell on my neck. torture i say-- but it was really lotsa fun to ride it with my girl.
after that-- we fed some seals-- little bitty fishies. not sure what they were-- sardines maybe-- i have a few pics-- which i shall put on here latah.

also saw the sea lion show-- which was good-- tried to film part of it-- and take some photos-- thru ziplock bags--to keep my camera dry-- it worked-- but didn't come out very clearly. but-- it works good enough.

after that we were toast-- came back to the room, took naps-- went back out- with plans to see the night time "rock with shamu show" which sounded to be lotsa fun.. but we were runnin late-- and have two day passes so have time to go again. none of us had the stamina to rush through sea world to get parking and a seat-- in 15 minutes-- so we skipped it to go another night before we leave-- just not that night-- possibly not even to-night. us old folks are feelin every minute of our age right about now. and that isn't very good, so this will have to work.

so then we drove back by sea world and it looked as if it was closest to shamu-- so we decided that we would go back another time in the morning, when it es cooler. check/check? check? alls good, less-roll !

sooo.. we found a place to eat-- gorged ourselves-- and came back to the room for the night. and that is what we did.

ahh but not before scopin out the pool and peacocks first. that was really cool. and diferent. and something i've never seen at a hotel before-- anywhere. and i have been to a lot of hotels during all my travels.

soooo... this brings us to yesterday---
plans were sketchy at best in the morning. i think the plan was to finish up day two at sea world. but it was scorchin hot by 8 a.m. waaaay hoTTT. so we talked about swimming at the pool, then we talked about walking around here-- riverwalk, alamo, shoppin, eatin, that kinda easy on the body stuff.... instead-- we ended up goin to some other town a ways from here-- thirty miles or so-- and tubin down the Guadalupe river. oh man that was sooo much fun. and something i haven't done since i was a kid. we used to tube in the Kern river in california when i was like 10 or so..and later in my teens. i loved it then.. and i loved it yesterday. and i would love to do it again before we leave-- but i don't know if the other two want to.

but-- after that-- we were more than half way to austin-- so we went on into austin and took soulkid to "the Drag".. the same place she wanted to go to last time we came down this way when she brought her friend last time we went to the timeshare at canyon lake. but like i said-- no friend for her this time-- that plan fell through at the last minute. bummer for her-- but better for us-- financially-- as well as having her all to ourselves :)) she is actually being good-- overall-- and i have had more soulkid hugs, and good times--than i have in the last six months combined!
so anyhow-- back to where i was-- got sidetracked-- so we went to the drag-- and let her do some school clothes shopping. the child is in desperate need of some clothes. poor thing.
i also ended up having to get a new pair of VANS-- seein as how mine were still wet from the river-- yep-- my tube flipped over right on top of me--as i tried to get in it without tippin over-- it was pretty funny. i'm so glad i can laugh at myself--otherwise-- i am sure i woulda been mortified. but i laughed like an ass instead. and of course so did hubby, soulkid, and the twenty people who watched it happen. :)) it was great. cold but great. a true kodak moment-- missed.

BUT here are the shoes--
you love em dontcha?

ummm... after the walkin the drag, shoppin and eatin..
oooh here's where and what we ate---
oh wait-- first-- here is one of the store we went in--
i met a guy--
my new boyfriend...
he will never talk back, or nag at me--
kinda hot too huh?

oh and here's his new underwear--
aint they sexy?

is where, and what we ate-



this was my original order-
half a philly cheese steak-and chips--

this is mine-- AFTER hubby suggested i get a WHOLE sandwich--
the half i didn't have room for.

soulkids salad meal--
the only wise one of the bunch at dinnertime-- :))
for once-
if not for the insane amount of salt and sugar-
my kid would be the picture of health !

and here is soulmans small- 5 meat pizza-
the man does like his meat!

sooooo--- after we ate-- we headed back to the hotel--
really thinking we would finally be back before 9 pm for once...
well, it didn't work out that way.
1) there was a LOT of traffic-
2) i saw a starbucks--
which just so happened to be at the same exit as a :
GIGANTOID outlet mall in san marcos.
so of course we had to cruise through to see what they had...
that damn place is the most huge, big, ginormous, humongous-
mall, shopping center-- whatever ya call it-
that i have ever seen !
it will take an entire day to shop there--
(speakin of "your" heaven--here ya go--)

here's another little slice for ya-- :))

i of course will be in HELL as you all know already !
but it would surely be a good place to get school clothes- so how can we pass it up- right?
yep-- we can't.
(i mean the outlet mall- not goodwill btw :)) -

i suggested they drop me off at the tubin place at the river while THEY go and shop-- but all i got was a few snickers--
so i took that as a no-
rude eh?
no way will i last long at that place. no friggin way.
but i spose i will have to try.
but without exaggerating-- this place has got to be-
at minimum a mile or more long-
and sort of rectangular - i guess.
sort of.
it is friggin-
and i will die- or want to if they make me go !
whaaaaaaaaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!
i don't wannnnna - NOOOOOOOO !!!!

so anyhow--
i shall return , maybe tomorrow,
with todays events,
which i hope will be slow and boring-
and will allow me to cruise blogs-
and nap.
omg- i am tired and worn down.
havin a great time- but worn the hell OUT !
i'd prolly be ready to go home-
but still have lots to do and see !

more pix later--
the river pix, we took on disposable cameras--
i dropped mine in the water (of course) :))
we won't develop those til after we get home.
so be watchin for those.
i didn't wanna risk ruinin my good camera.
but hopefully we got some good ones.
and i know i took the most-- so hopefully by gettin it wet-
the pix didnt get ruined.
i will cry.

hope you all have happpppppy days in your worlds today-
things are goin great here !

thanks for your words and well wishes to my hubby-
he really does appreciate that-
his buddies' funeral is today-
and you know he is on his mind.

you are all such great peeps -
love you guys !