Sunday, May 25, 2008

title challenged

howdy folks---

i don't know where to begin this post-- it doesn't matter really where i begin .. it is gonna be a whine-fest regardless. i prolly shouldn't even write at all.. but i have some splainin to do--

so i spose i will start here:

i woke up this morning-- well, that's a given, right-- cuz if i didn't wake up-- you wouldn't be readin this--

so anyhow-- i do my morning duties of puttin dogs out, checkin on kids, gettin my coffee, all that stuff..
i get on my computer--- and what is the first thing i notice?

ALL my bookmarks are mysteriously GONE! ALL of them.
first thought?

kids!!! -- thing 1 and thing 2 have gotten on my laptop in the night-- and did "something" and deleted-- not only my bookmarks-- but the entire toolbar thing too-- not that i hadn't attempted to get rid of in a way they .. (maybe they) -- did me a favor-- but the google and yahoo toolbars are also-- mysteriously GONE. WTF???

so what do i do-- i suspiciously go thru my history, of course-- i find no evidence of any sites that i didn't go to myself-- BUT i do know enough to know that they could have deleted the sites and they went-- IF in fact they are guilty.

but anyhow-- i am simply baffled about this. any computer gurus know if or how this coulda happened "on it's own? shut down? hmm..

so anyhow-- it's not really that big of a deal-- EXCEPT that i had some blogs linked in my bookmarks-- that i DON"T have in my links on my blog. SO , if you have a blog that i read, and i happen to not visit --- it's because i don't know how to get there. so please let me know .ugh.

i really don't feel up to accusing or arguing with the kids today about something i cannot prove they had a part in ya know. even tho i think they did. it just isn't worth it. we all know computers have a mind of their own. sometimes.

ok-- that's enough for that part.

next-- on the whine list?

it sucked.
not in any kind of bad way. i mean nothing bad happened. it's just that nothing happened -- at all. i slept--and i slept---and i slept.
i woke up a couple times-- only to fall asleep again.. had to be the meds? i don't know. i woke yesterday with a terrible headache-- meds helped--but made me tired-- i didn't have enough sleep anyhow--so knew i'd need a nap-- but man... not to nap all damn day--and night.
so-- the day passed me by-- i accomplished nothing. i did nothing... and because of it-- my ass hurts today!
part of that tho--is due to getting bounced around on the boat friday night tho too. i have kind of a bony ass-- and rough water isn't very kind the next day --- to my butt, i mean. :))

i woke up this morning.. a bit tired, but it only took a cup or two of coffee to help that. for now i feel pretty good.. overall, at least. i have a ton of crap to catch up on... but y'all know me-- i want to go fishin. i hope to find time...and energy for a little of both.

i need a cattle prod to use on my child. anything short of abuse isn't gonna do that girl a bit of good in the motivational department.
anyone remember the drug commercial?
"i learned it from watching you dad!"
could it be MY fault that the child won't clean her room..feed her animals, or bring her dirty clothes to the laundry room..rather than throw them in her closet?
someone tell me it is not me. tell me it's a phase-- a ten year long PHASE. :))
even if it's a lie-- i need some moral support here.
i know i'm too easy on her-- but somethin just has to give
or i'm gonna crackup!

anybody got any cheese for my whine????
i'll take brie, and grapes!!!

happy sunday safe today--and have FUN!!