Thursday, March 25, 2010

a peek into smochas life , and mine

ok, so i don't know how else to hijack a video -- other than to put it here. no doubt you'll like it -- so i didn't think you would mind.

this is a video that my sis just posted -- and i absolutely LOVE IT. it is pix of her three boys. i don't know if y'all understand how it is or not , when a person (me) can love a nephew -- or 3 -- as much as i do mine, as if they were her own children. but that is how close i feel to these kids. she had her kids at a young age, and us only being four years apart in age- i of course was young too. i sort of grew up with these guys. and they are now no less than wonderful young men. the memories i have with and about these boys -- are ones i hope never get lost in my sea of senility -- i don't think i've lost any of them yet-- i so hope i never do. i love them, and i love her. even though i lost a lot of years with them due to my years in the navy, and then our married lives and families etc. they always stay in my heart and mind.

- i hope you like it-- you could go read her post --- sort of a tribute to these terrific kids -- she writes it so well. as much as folks say that they like the way i write here? i don't think i could write a post as funny, endearing, and as touching as this one. have a look. and enjoy the video .

[ *** ok. for some reason... most likely operator malfunction- again - the video uploaded like half a screen. yippee. but - if ya click on the video screen, it takes ya to the video on u-tube. then, if ya expand it to a full size screen? voila -- you see a wonderful video of my three nephews -- growing up before your very eyes. whilst listening to a most awesome song -- performed by "Boston".]

i had an entirely different subject in mind to post today -- but y'all got this instead.

happpy happy days to you in your worlds today-- cheers !

as my bed meds defy my mind and body-- i find stuff like this on the net -

we've all surely heard about Biden and his recent extreme 'F-Bomb" blooper, correct? but, how many have actually seen it? well, me too. tonight was my first time. i saw it online. it is both amusing, and shocking.

i mean professional athletes and other less important public figures both have been scolded, and even fined for less. yet here is our vice president of America -- using one of the top three no-no words in our language. and gets a few chuckles?

Watch CBS News Videos Online (apparently they already took that down )

(won't be long before this one's gone- so watch it in a hurry)

is nothing sacred anymore? no wonder our kids don't care about politics anymore-- our politicians don't care about politics . geesh. so why should they? the entire country wants a paycheck. and i reckon that's all anything is about anymore. to most.

i still say.. gimmee me fishin gear, a lake, some sunshine, some sort of shelter- climate control, and the soul-clan and soul-pets, and i'm good to go. everything else just complicates shit. i like the simple things in life. in fact i could live in a cave-- and someday -- maybe i just will. this life is gettin just bit too complicated for me.

and ya know what else? writing at this moment, is becoming a little complicated too. i dropped my meds over an hour or so ago -- and the message i'm gettin right about now? is -- go take your ass to bed soul -- before somethin really really stupid happens. all 'you will accomplish is a whole lotta nuthin. --- go to sleep. rest up- and get back on track tomorrow.

that's not talkin to myself, but 'self talk' , it's a good thing. not a mental thing=
so. it's ok :)) trust me here k?

on that note-- i am goin to bed--
night y'all
happy night- and a happy tomorrow as well

g'night and have a pleasant tomorrow (see me wavin at ya?)

bed time for soul ! the meds have hit-- hard -- and i am outta heah !!

(this post has sat for an hour waiting on me to hit the "publish button" geesh. one a those nights-- and obviously, i'm Still UP) save me. or shoot me. someone?
will i ever sleep like a human again ?

(i apologize- but i included a short rant in my comment box - if you care to have a peek-- or perhaps enlighten me further on this issue?)