Tuesday, October 9, 2012

i found it --

there it is -- the 'unstuck' button.  i just cannot seem to get it to work.  :((   the same goes for the getup button.  hmmmm.  i'm workin on it tho.  i am making the effort .  i am making the effort -- i am making the effort.  :)) 

so -- today -- my to do list was for stuff that had to be done away from home... but guess what?  i was trapped at home - due to trees being cut down outside my home.. and i had to stay here til they were done, because i couldn't pay them in advance -- just in case they were to damage somethin - or some other kind of thing. ya know?  so -- my to do list? yeh -- it's  well -- in the stuck position. ( well - subject to change - but it is gettin late in the day - and my pain is gettin bad again ) s0 --

as for me?  sort of unstuck... but i'm 'willing.'   that's the first step -- right.  i'm tryin.. is that the second step?  now,  doing.. well now.. that might be the third step .. and i do -- well, DO.  some stuff.

trying to talk trees with tree guys -- when you are a social phobe and borderline socially retarded -- well that is a big effort -- and well, pretty much humiliating. to say the least.  this isn't the first time i had to talk to these guys .. but it never gets easier.  but hey, nothin awful happened, and i didn't get too badly taken for granted.  in fact i think i got a pretty good bargain. i am missin a cute lil tree -- but the insurance company will finally be off me arse for havin branches on my house. - and shed.  i can't believe that was a problem.  but it was,. ugh.   and you would never ever believe how the tree guy was hired by me in the first place.  it could only happen to me --
well, you see, one day in the recent  past..  i heard some noise in my back yard -- i went to see what it was ... it was branches -- from the house behind me fallin into our yard -- onto my storage shed and onto my bushes etc.  i started yellin over there --- over the sound of saws etc.. and i was none too kind either.. :))  they were screwin up my shed -- and killin my plants/bushes -- i don't know what kind of bushes they are -- but they are plants -- not like ratty bushes -- you know what i mean right.   anyhow...  i made him come over and pick all that shit up!!! 

then i was like --- oh by the way ----  LOL  -- i shit you not ---  i asked him if he wanted to cut OUR branches back etc -- and he said sure -- quoted me a price, and i gave him the job  :))

i can't believe it myself ... i don't mean to be so harsh sometimes.  i really am a nice person.  i tipped them a 20.00 when they left today.  and told them to call in a few days cuz we might have more work later.

we are doin some big jobs around the house.  some of y'all have seen the floor work we did -- there's also painting and other stuff  to do.  so much , that it hurts my brain when i think about it. but it will look awesome when it gets finished.

so anyways -- i am hungry -- it's makin my head  hurt -- the day flies passed me and i realize i haven't eaten .. by then it's almost dinner - it happens way too often.

so.  i guess i will go and figure out what i am gonna do with myself - and - or my to do list